Power Grid

As part of its framework agreement with SSE, Cyberhawk provided the electricity transmission and distribution operator with topographic survey data and high-resolution aerial photography from over 30 of its substations all over northern Scotland. The projects involved surveys of both new builds and extensions and have been ongoing since 2012.

Mainly multi-rotor UAVs were used to carry out the work and fixed-wing UAVs were also utilized on the larger sites. UAVs allow rapid mobilization and data capture, offering a unique view of the site which provides decision-makers with valuable, actionable data. The deliverables are accessed through Cyberhawk’s cloud-based asset management software, iHawk, which allows all personnel involved in the project to access to the data from any location – often reducing the need for site visits.

The workscopes typically require orthophotos, panoramics and spherical imagery, acquired on a three monthly basis, as well as aerial video and aerial oblique images at some sites. The locations, which range from one to 75 hectares, are often in remote areas and active construction sites.


It was deemed that gathering data utilising Cyberhawk’s UAV solution was the best and safest method for surveying the area. Cyberhawk has a framework with SSE for aerial survey and inspection and has extensive experience in providing aerial survey services in the electricity utilities sector. Since the first construction progress project in 2012 we have had very positive feedback from the client and this service is now requested for all new construction works on its substations.

Capturing regular high-resolution aerial imagery provides SSE and all stakeholders with valuable information on the current progress of the project. As well as access for contractors and consultants, to track and forward plan, the imagery is used on site for site orientation, planning meetings and to assist health and safety.