North England power station survey

Case Study

North England power station survey

Cyberhawk was commissioned by a major utility company to provide topographic survey data and volumetric analysis at a coal-fired power station in North England. The large site has numerous stockpiles of various sizes and materials which had to be itemised in the volume report.

Cyberhawk’s two man team of land surveyor and pilot surveyed the site using a fixed-wing UAV. The entire area was surveyed in a single flight with over 400 aerial images acquired. Using advanced photogrammetric techniques we generated an accurate digital elevation model of the site. This allowed Cyberhawk to accurately calculate the volume of each of the stockpiles.

Our rigorous health and safety regime and flight-planning procedures were approved in advance by the site owner and Cyberhawk worked closely with local Air Traffic Control given the close proximity of a major airport.

Surveying the stockpiles remotely provided a huge benefit to health and safety by removing the need for ground-based surveyors to work amongst heavy plant on this busy site.

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM), a detailed orthophoto (at 3cm ground resolution) and comprehensive volume report were provided to the client.


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