Network Rail multiple rail station surveys in Scotland

Case Study

Network Rail multiple rail station surveys in Scotland

Under our framework agreement with Network Rail, Cyberhawk was tasked with surveying multiple rail stations throughout Scotland from July to September 2015.

The inspections included surveying the lines around Birnam, Aviemore, Reston, East Linton, Dunbar and Carstairs stations. Each differed in length but required the same scope of work.

Our framework agreement with Network Rail was one of the many reasons Cyberhawk was chosen for the work, however our extensive experience in UAV survey work and approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to operate in congested areas were also deciding factors.

For each project, Cyberhawk delivered high resolution geo-referenced orthophoto covering 50m either side from the centre of railway, oblique photos up and down the line every 100m (50m height), spherical photos, a digital elevation model and video footage at 50m height along the specified section of the line.

The advantage of using Cyberhawk’s UAV solution teamed with aerial footage from a manned aircraft allowed Network Rail to keep each railway operational throughout.

The data gathered from the UAV survey has proven to be efficient in providing necessary information that can be used by Network Rail for future developments on the railway.



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