Coastal pipeline survey on the east coast of England

Case Study

Coastal pipeline survey on the east coast of England

Cyberhawk conducted a complete aerial survey of underground pipelines across a beach on the east cost of England, for one of the world’s largest exploration and production companies.

The project saw Cyberhawk provide orthophotos and a digital elevation model of the site, along with aerial panoramic images every 30 minutes throughout the tidal range. The survey was also required to verify that the beach around the recently installed pipeline had been restored to its original state.

Cyberhawk was chosen to conduct this workscope thanks to the companies significant experience working for the world’s largest energy companies and experience of working in challenging coastal environments, using UAVs to quickly acquire geospatial data in tidal areas.

The team faced numerous challenges thought this project. As the survey took place at a beach, data had to be acquired at low-tide meaning careful planning was required to schedule flight times. The site was also on the edge of a military bombing range so co-ordination with the Ministry of Defence was obligatory.

The team utilised two drones to complete this work. A fixed-wing UAV was used for the topographic survey of the beach and a multi-rotor UAV was used for the acquisition of the aerial panoramic images.

The project was delivered successfully and in time with the client reporting significant cost savings.


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