Brunei – Inspecting 20 NUIs offshore and 3 flares onshore

Case Study

Brunei – Inspecting 20 NUIs offshore and 3 flares onshore

Cyberhawk completed two inspection projects in Brunei for an oil and gas supermajor; one project offshore and one project onshore. The first project included the detailed inspection of 20 normally-unmanned-installations (NUIs) offshore which were due for decommissioning. The second inspection involved three flare towers at an onshore facility. The inspection time for both projects was under two weeks.

Cyberhawk’s repeat work for the client, and reputation for the successful UAV inspections of offshore oil and gas assets, saw the team selected as the preferred provider for this challenging multiple work scope project. The use of drones for the data collection was favoured thanks to the ability to provide highly accurate data, and minimised risk to personnel versus the working at height issues associated with conventional inspection and access techniques, such as rope access, scaffolding or manned helicopter.

Safe access to the NUIs was set to be challenging, as the boat landing platforms of some of the assets were not fit for purpose. We carried out full NUI close visual inspections, capturing high resolution data for each jacket.

For the flare tip and structural inspections, production shutdown is commonly required, which can be extremely costly for the client. The use of UAVs avoids such costly shutdowns. Furthermore, one of the flare towers was 4km away from the coast and accessible only by jetty.

Traditionally, this inspection would be completed with the use of a helicopter, however, the level of detail obtainable is nowhere near what is achieved with UAV operated by experienced personnel. The Cyberhawk team worked quickly and efficiently, with the successful inspection taking just a few days instead of weeks. Furthermore, the detailed visual data captured by our UAVs and analysed by our engineering teams assisted in focusing maintenance only in areas that required it.

The project reinforced Cyberhawk’s leading position in the industry and region to date.

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