Cable Route Survey at a Coastal Erosion Site using UAVs

Case Study

Cable Route Survey at a Coastal Erosion Site using UAVs

Cyberhawk conducted an aerial survey of a coastal erosion site covering over 700m on the East coast of England.

The project, completed in one day, saw Cyberhawk provide an orthophoto, 3D point cloud and oblique images of the site to aid the distribution network operator (DNO) identify exposed underground cables or areas where cables could become exposed in the future.

UAVs were selected for this project, as traditional survey methods, including ground based total stations or laser scanning, would have involved working close to the cliff and would take a long time to complete.

Cyberhawk were chosen to conduct this work scope thanks to our extensive experience of working in challenging coastal environments.

Due to the survey’s location, the main challenges on site were high winds, wet weather. The project was also affected by the tide; so keeping to strict deadlines and timescales was paramount.

The team utilised a multirotor UAV to complete this work. This platform provided flexibility in acquiring imagery for generating a topographic model and also oblique and panoramic images. Our experienced team of surveyors delivered the project successfully and on time, with the client reporting significant cost savings.

Our client provided existing CAD drawings of the known underground cable positions. These were overlaid on our orthophoto imagery providing additional information about potential future issues due to erosion on the coastline.

The survey data was provided electronically and also via our secure online portal.


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