Clyde Windfarm Inspection for Siemens Gamesa

Case Study

Clyde Windfarm Inspection for Siemens Gamesa

Cyberhawk was tasked by Siemens Gamesa to carry out close visual inspections of wind turbine blades located at the Clyde Windfarm in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Cyberhawk was selected to conduct the inspections thanks to our well-established track record, high quality results and framework agreement with Siemens Gamesa.

The work included close visual inspections of the leading edge, training edge, pressure and suction sides of each blade, capturing a complete visual record of each blade.

Cyberhawk mobilised a two-man team to undertake the UAV inspections. Traditionally, the inspections would have been carried out using rope access technicians, however this technique would have doubled man hours on site and involves working at height.

Building on other recently completed inspections for Siemens Gamesa, Cyberhawk developed a tailored app to meet the client’s requirements. The requirement was a 25% overlap between images and no missing areas of the blade with processing and uploading on the same day as the inspection.

The use of UAVs mitigated the risks of working at height and reduced downtime, meaning lost production was minimised for the client. Siemens Gamesa also reported a high level of image quality providing confidence in inspection results.

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