Surveying the Dover sea wall

Case Study

Surveying the Dover sea wall

During late December 2015, a severe storm caused damage to a sea wall protecting the Dover to Folkstone railway line.

The damage to the wall caused undermining of the rail tracks and ultimately the closure of the line. In order to acquire detailed survey information and up-to-date aerial imagery, Cyberhawk surveyed the site using one of its multi-rotor UAV platforms.

The survey area extended to 900m along the coast and was completed within one day. Cyberhawk delivered geo-referenced orthophoto imagery at 2cm ground resolution, digital elevation model and 3D pointcloud and vector survey data with a verified level accuracy of 20mm RMS. The team also supplied oblique inspection imagery of the sea wall, aerial spherical imagery and aerial video footage showing the wave action.

Additionally, Cyberhawk flew at low tide to collect topographic information of the beach which had changed profile due to the storm event.


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