Internal Tank Inspection at UK Gas Terminal

Case Study

Internal Tank Inspection at UK Gas Terminal

Following the high profile launch of our leading confined space inspection service, Cyberhawk was tasked with a large water storage tank internal inspection by a major oil and gas company in the east of England.

The project, carried out by a two-man team, saw Cyberhawk examine the quality of several pipe support fittings and the entire internal surface of the storage tank. The inside of the asset was fully inspected whilst the team remained on the outside to fly the UAV.

Usually this type of inspection is conducted by rope access technicians, who are suspended on ropes to inspect the internal structure and would need at least a week to complete the work. UASs reduce the requirement for working at height and in confined spaces, which meant Cyberhawk was able to undertake a safe first audit of the structure so that further inspection and maintenance could be prioritised. The project was completed in just one day.

With the challenges of no GPS signal and little light inside the tank, as well as bad weather outside the tank, Cyberhawk’s pilots had to use all their training and work with an extremely high level of precision to ensure a successful end result.

Utilising an internal UAV, Cyberhawk successfully completed the work scope delivering high quality inspection report which enabled the client to understand the tank’s defects. The client reported the project was carried out within budget and reported significant time and cost savings.

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