Monthly Flare inspection for oil and gas supermajor

Case Study

Monthly Flare inspection for oil and gas supermajor

As part of a detailed multi scope inspection in 2016, Cyberhawk detected critical damage on the flare tip of a fixed platform in the North Sea. Since then, Cyberhawk has been asked to closely monitor the damage and report back any potential further degradation, with the intent to defer a costly unplanned shutdown until the planned TAR.

Thanks to its international track record with the oil and gas supermajor, Cyberhawk was chosen as the preferred UAV inspection company to provide accurate data on the condition of the flare. An experienced team of two from Cyberhawk, including a flare inspection engineer and offshore qualified inspection pilot, is mobilised each month to undertake the work.

Thanks to a CVI (Close Visual Inspection), Cyberhawk can advise on the level of the critical condition and assist in predicting the damage development.

Traditionally this inspection would be completed with the use of a helicopter, however, the level of detail obtainable is nowhere near what is achieved with UAV technology. Together with the quicker inspection times, reduced cost of inspection and avoidance of unplanned shutdowns, Cyberhawk’s UAV solution has once again proven its worth in the offshore oil and gas sector.

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