North America offshore inspection for oil and gas supermajor

Case Study

North America offshore inspection for oil and gas supermajor

Cyberhawk was approached by one of the world’s largest oil and gas supermajors to complete an offshore UAV inspection in North America.

The multiple workscope saw Cyberhawk inspect the live flare, the platform underdeck and the roof of the giant concrete gravity base, and conduct numerous thermal surveys in order to maximise the mobilisation.

Using UAVs for the inspection was deemed the safest and most efficient method. Due to the short weather windows available, the speed of UAV inspection and the ability to capture large amounts of data in a short time presented a significant advantage, while reducing safety risks posed to personnel in the notoriously hazardous, foggy conditions present offshore.

Traditionally inspections of this nature would be complete by rope access, or if using scaffolding take months when considering set up and dismantling.

Cyberhawk successfully completed inspections over the course of two weeks, proving the speed and efficiency of UAV inspections and reinforcing that the technology can produce exceptional results in the harshest of offshore environments.


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