North Sea underdeck inspection for oil and gas major

Case Study

North Sea underdeck inspection for oil and gas major

In April 2014, Cyberhawk was selected by oil and gas major to carry out a condition based inspection at the PUQ jack up platform in the North Sea. The workscope involved the inspection of the jack up legs and underdeck.

Due to our extensive track record and ability to fly underneath the jack up platform (a GPS denied environment), the client deemed Cyberhawk the best fit for the project.

Cyberhawk faced a number of challenges throughout this inspection. With no GPS signal while flying the UAV underdeck, the team relied heavily on their piloting skills. Operating from a stand-by vessel also provided additional challenges due to the movement of the vessel in relation to the platform.

The alternative method considered for this nature of inspection would have been to use a six man rope access technician team (RAT).  This technique increases man hours and would have seen the RAT team hang off the flat-bottom platform for several weeks.

Cyberhawk managed to complete the visual inspection of the underdeck in just three days whereas the six man RAT required almost 100 days (14 weeks). The client was then able to make an informed decision on whether further manned inspections were required, only sending in the RAT team to specific selected locations if needed.

In projects of this nature savings are in the range of £1,000,000+, and most operators are now using this technique for underdeck and splash zone inspections.


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