Northern Scotland wind farm survey

Case Study

Northern Scotland wind farm survey

Cyberhawk recently conducted a complete aerial survey of a wind farm in northern Scotland for a large civil engineering consultant.

We were chosen to conduct this workscope thanks to our significant experience working for the world’s largest energy companies and experience of working in challenging environments, using UAVs to quickly acquire geospatial data in remote areas.  Our unrivalled experience in aerial data acquisition and processing gave our client confidence that the survey results would be of the highest quality.

Cyberhawk deployed a two-man survey team, comprised of a land surveyor and an experienced pilot, to survey a 230-hectare site of boggy moorland. Access on foot for a traditional land survey team would have been difficult and potentially hazardous, however aerial survey meant only limited ground access was required.

Using one of our fixed-wing UAV, with onboard RTK GPS positioning, we completed the full site survey in two days – a traditional ground-based survey may have taken over two weeks to complete. In addition to topographic data, we also provided high resolution orthophoto imagery with 3cm per pixel ground resolution.

The project was delivered successfully and on time, with the client reporting significant cost savings. Cyberhawk provided orthophoto imagery in tiled .jpeg format, as well as a digital Surface Model in .csv format on a 1m grid spacing and 3D Pointcloud in las format.

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