Oil and gas survey for supermajor

Case Study

Oil and gas survey for supermajor

In December 2014, Cyberhawk was tasked by one of the world’s oil and gas supermajors to capture comprehensive aerial and ground imagery of its large gas terminal near Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Cyberhawk was required to provide orthophotos, aerial and ground spherical imagery to assist the client with emergency planning.

Due to the highly complex industrial site in which the gas terminal sits, security and health and safety regulations were extremely tight and the Ministry of Defence police had to be consulted prior to flight operations. Cyberhawk was also challenged with limited access to some areas of the site.

We were chosen to undertake the inspection due to our vast experience in the oil and gas onshore and offshore industry. Our team has also carried out previous inspection operations for the same client at other refineries and oil terminals.

Cyberhawk used a combination of fixed-wing and multi-rotor UAVs to complete the workscope on time and within budget.

To date, the client has used the aerial survey data to support emergency services in the event of an incident and as part of safety exercises.


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