Oil and gas UAV inspection in Ireland

Case Study

Oil and gas UAV inspection in Ireland

An oil and gas supermajor called upon Cyberhawk to conduct a detailed inspection of an elevated, guy-wire supported, flare stack and over 60m of elevated pipe work in Ireland.

Traditionally, the inspection of elevated flare stacks would require a plant shutdown and technicians climbing the stack ; however Cyberhawk were able to complete the inspection while the stack was live, allowing the operator to significantly reduce costs by maximising uptime of the process equipment.

The rationale behind the operator’s use of UAVs on the elevated pipe rack was to reduce human exposure to potential hazards, such as working at height. The drone, operated by highly trained O&G pilot and ASME plant inspector, was able to complete the structural inspection and potential dropped object sweep, quickly and in high detail while the team were on the ground.

Thanks to our track record and extensive experience in the oil and gas sector, Cyberhawk was chosen as the preferred UAV inspection company to provide accurate data on the condition of the assets.

The project, carried out by a two-man team, saw Cyberhawk examine the condition of the assets in a few days.

Relatively strong winds proved a challenge during the inspection, however this was easily tackled by our robust UAV, which can fly in up to 25 knots of wind, as well as the experienced pilots who operate the equipment full manually.

Cyberhawk successfully completed the work scopes, delivering high quality inspection reports with high resolution imagery which enabled the client to understand both the asset’s condition and a previous repair made to the flare tips. The client reported the project was carried out within budget and reported significant time savings.

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