Stack drone inspection for Jaguar Land Rover

Case Study

Stack drone inspection for Jaguar Land Rover

Cyberhawk was called upon to complete an internal and external inspection of exhaust stacks and ducting for Jaguar Land Rover at one of their manufacturing plants in England. The external stack inspections were completed using one of Cyberhawk’s octocopter UAVs and a collision-proof drone to fly inside the exhaust stack and ducting without human entry.

It was essential to reduce downtime so Cyberhawk was required to work onsite during the weekend when the stacks were not operating. Alternate methods for carrying out this scope of work, such as rope access, would have taken weeks to complete the inspections. Cyberhawk completed the project in two days.

If other methods, such as scaffolding, were considered, the client would have to take apart the ducting and exhausts. Cyberhawk’s solution not only mitigated the risks associated with traditional inspection methods, such as working at height, but reduced the inspection times that would otherwise affect downtime.

Cyberhawk’s internal and external UAS inspection and detailed report with high definition images and engineering commentary highlighted areas of concern and allowed the client to efficiently outsource the repair work to a third party provider.





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