Tank Roof Pontoon Internal Inspection for Oil and Gas Supermajor

Case Study

Tank Roof Pontoon Internal Inspection for Oil and Gas Supermajor

Cyberhawk was asked by one of the world’s largest oil and gas companies to inspect the internal roof pontoons and steel shell of a floating roof tank dedicated to the production of unrefined diesel at a refinery in the UK.

Cyberhawk was chosen to undertake this complex workscope as a result of its successful track record of internal UAV inspection within confined spaces and its teams of highly skilled pilots and inspectors who were be mobilised for the inspection. UAVs were chosen as the preferred method of inspection primarily to reduce the safety risks associated with working in confined spaces.

Usually this type of inspection is conducted by personnel entering inside the tight roof pontoons of the tank and would require weeks to complete the work scope. Cyberhawk has proven that UAVs not only reduce the requirement for working in confined spaces, but was able to complete the full scope in just five days.

Cyberhawk’s two-man team examined the condition of the 25 pontoons and the entire internal surface of the tank, meaning the inside of the asset was fully inspected whilst the team remained in a safe position on the outside to fly the UAV.

With the challenges of no GPS signal and different entry points for each pontoon, Cyberhawk’s pilot had to apply all of their training and experience and work with an extremely high level of precision. The ability to fly fully manually while travelling through the tank’s compartments was essential to ensure a successful end result.

Cyberhawk successfully completed the workscope delivering a high quality inspection report with high resolution images which enabled the client to understand the tank’s condition. The pontoons were found to be in generally good condition throughout with no significant damage or defects. The client reported the project was carried out within budget and reported significant time savings.

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