“When I decided to use drones for the first time at our facility in Oman, I had a number of concerns. Safety is of course, the top priority at BP but, also, we needed to work with a company that understands the complexity of working in the region as the permit and licensing requirements can be quite prolonged.

The level of service we received from Cyberhawk was outstanding. From the professionalism of the team on site, to the quality of the data the drone gathered and the level of reporting the team delivered, it was all top notch.

We had access to the reports and visualisation through the iHawk software platform and this has been widely shared within the group. The Cyberhawk team was extremely safety focused and this came through in their day to day interactions with the BP operations team on the ground.

We are now looking at ways we can further expand the drone program within our assets. I would describe Cyberhawk as safe, reliable and very focused on quality. I would not hesitate in recommending them to my colleagues who are looking to imbed drones in their operations.”

Oscar Garcia, BP Integrity Manager, Oman

“Since the introduction of iHawk to the project back in 2017, we have witnessed an exponential growth of usage of the GIS information across critical execution activities such as field engineering, site coordination, environmental monitoring, construction management and workface planning, materials management and many others.

iHawk has put aerial mapping, 360 spherical drone photography and 3D reality mesh models (3D digital twins) at the fingertips of nearly 200 active users across the owners team and 3 major EPC contractors, helping us create and maintain “shared truth”. 

We chose  Cyberhawk to be our UAS content management partner amid a rigorous competitive evaluation process, concluding that it was best in class solution for the needs of a multibillion construction megaproject.

The depth of the iHawk development team has enabled Cyberhawk to provide a near real-time response to the evolving, challenging functional requirements, that the project team continues to come up with. It has been exciting to see the platform grow so much in capability in such a short period of time and we look forward to our journey together.”

Head of IT/IM, Oil & Gas Supermajor

“SSEN has been working with Cyberhawk since 2009, and our confidence in the team’s ability continues to grow. Not only are the experienced pilots able to safely and efficiently capture an extremely intricate level of detail, but the addition of iHawk means we have fit-for-purpose, intuitive asset management software. We regularly refer to the data contained in iHawk to make decisions and develop maintenance schedules.”

Ian Gray, Head of Transmission Operations and Maintenance, SSEN

“Extremely happy with the service provided. The on site work was carried out with no issues whatsoever. A daily progress report was provided. Initial findings were reported very quickly, and the final reports were sent in a timely manner. The standard of the reports was excellent.”

Inspection Engineer, Total Lindsey Oil Refinery

Having worked with Cyberhawk in the past, we understand and appreciate the potential on offer from UAV inspections. This confidence led us to use UAVs in a new area within our business, this risers survey project. The campaign was a great success and we are pleased with the outcome.

The speed and efficiency with which this project was completed has proven that the scope and application of UAV inspection can be expanded for our requirements, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Cyberhawk in the future.

Asset Integrity Manager, Dubai Petroleum

Cyberhawk’s inspection technology and engineering expertise gives us precise details of the state of all components in our transmission systems. The imagery and interpretation provided mean that we have visual documentation and highly accurate analysis relating to the condition of assets. It has been easier and faster to use Cyberhawk’s iHawk software to work with the data, compared to our usual approach.

 SSE’s Transmission Project Manager 

A professional approach using state of the art technology, showing inspection results we have never seen before.

Head of Integrity, Oman LNG

Cyberhawk’s inspection technology and engineering expertise gives us precise details of the state of all components in our transmission systems. The imagery and interpretation provided mean that we have visual documentation and highly accurate analysis relating to the condition of assets. It has been easier and faster to use Cyberhawk’s iHawk software to work with the data, compared to our usual approach.

 SSE’s Transmission Project Manager 

I can confidently say that everyone involved is astonished at the clarity of the photography and the accessibility of the aircraft to the flare structure, to gain views of the flare tip and structure that have typically been unavailable from “full sized” aerial surveys.  The inspection report is therefore far more comprehensive than anything we have previously been able to produce. 

The offshore Cyberhawk team present themselves as very professional, unobtrusive, fully prepared and familiar with all necessary safety precautions.

As a consequence of the above I would have no hesitation recommending Cyberhawk as the preferred means for conducting this type of inspection in future and indeed we are already considering additional scopes that could be undertaken using this technology such as under deck inspections…

OIM, Maersk Oil

A company with a professional approach using state of the art technology, showing inspections results we have never seen before on live equipment.

After Pernis, Moerdijk and BLNG I would recommend Cyberhawk to any site dealing with inspections at height on live equipment. Value for money.

Head of Civils, Shell Asia    

Calm, purposeful, competent and safe workers. Excellent interpretation of images by Inspection Engineer.

Area Inspector, Shell UK

Over the past 20 years, different methods of remote inspection have been tried to inspect these items and Cyberhawk has produced the best results outwith a close visual inspection. The work was completed without any operational delays and had no real impact on daily operations.

Inspection Team Lead, Shell

Thanks for the reports received and very impressed with the the way Cyberhawk has performed. Recommending the service within Network Rail

Network Rail

Our offshore team has reported a very professional and reliable service and we all have confidence that any future scope of work will be completed in the same manner. The communication and turnaround of the deliverables was excellent.

Apache , North Sea

“This is the second project (Morecambe Bay Inspection) we have had Cyberhawk do for us in the last few months. They have been doing underdeck inspections on some of our remote platforms from a FRC boat, saving us time, money and ensuring inspections are being completed safely. Their inspection methods enabled the core helicopter intervention crew on the topsides of the remote platform to remain the same. Cyberhawk team did not take up POB on the platform, ensuring other maintenance tasks could continue unhindered, thus meeting the scheduled plan. We have also used them on our terminals at Barrow in Furness. They are an excellent company to work with and their engineers are very professional  with great reports to allow informed engineering decisions to be made.”

Senior Integrity Engineer, Centrica

Appreciate that on very short notice you could mobilise highly competent personnel who performed the same job on the installation last year. That was over all expectations.

Many thanks for the professionalism and level of service that you and your colleagues have shown over the last few weeks of us working together. Hopefully we can do so again soon. 

The works were carried out with no reported safety incidents and we are very impressed with the fast turnaround of all the works. Your ability to get us data outside of your normal cycle of data processing was very well received, this helped a number of our future works. The quality of images and works are currently driving our present and soon to be future investment plans.

Undertaking ground surveys and rock crag remote inspections in difficult terrains, Cyberhawk provided excellent solutions using multirotor UAV making site staff safer and improving the confidence of the assessments. The Client was also happy with their degree of professionalism and quality of data provided.

Senior Engineer Geologist

“Would highly recommend Cyberhawk. Given access restrictions the asset has in place during operations, we were able to carry out a comprehensive structural survey of the platform without impacting production. This survey has also allowed us to define and plan critical shutdown work.”

Integrity Engineer

“This is just a note to say thanks for the help on Anasuria. It was good to see a company the can still get things done following the rules in an offshore environment (i.e. Safety, Golden Rules, Permitry and of course attitude). These are the things that we strive to achieve on a daily basis and, it is good to see another company such a Cyberhawk looking to hit the same goals. Look forward to working with yourselves again.”

Maintenance Team Leader