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Drone Consultancy

Flying unmanned aircraft in safety critical, industrial environments – no matter how remote – requires much more than a just a CAA license. Setting up an internal drone division requires industry specific training, detailed knowledge of aviation regulations, equipment maintenance procedures, incident response training and much more.

With over a decade of experience in drone data capture, and over 30,000 flight hours completed, multiple industry bodies have turned to Cyberhawk to set the standard for industry specific drone training and competency guidelines. Through our drone consultancy business, we bring this unrivalled experience and knowledge base to large operators and organisations looking to build their own drone division.

Find out more below about our areas of expertise and the various ways we can support you.

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Areas of Expertise

Pilot Training

Our trainers will guide prospective pilots through manual flying techniques, and ensure they have the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to pass their CAA assessment. From there, we will work with the qualified pilots to develop the industry-specific skills required for your organisation’s data capture requirements.

Procurement and Maintenance

Our technical team will work with you to define your objectives and recommend hardware solutions which will best suit your requirements, as well as advise on required documentation and recommended equipment maintenance and control procedures.

Documentation and Certification

Cyberhawk can support organisations with CAA registration and work collaboratively with you to develop operational manuals and procedures which will integrate seamlessly into your business. Clients will be fully involved in this process to build knowledge for the future.

Additional Support

From advice on advanced data collection and safety reviews, to equipment developments, regulatory changes and preparing safety cases, Cyberhawk can provide ongoing assistance and support as required.

Software support

Drone division up and running, but not sure how to manage your data? Our iHawk Asset Integrity and Visualisation software provides a cloud-based solution not only for hosting your data, but also managing it, analysing it and using it to make improved, evidence-based divisions.