Cost savings of 300% and inspection time halved

Power Generation, Transmission & Distribution Drone Inspection

Cyberhawk uses drones to inspect assets including overhead powerlines, onshore and offshore wind turbines, cooling towers and chimney stacks.

Our visual asset management software, iHawk, offers several modules for the power generation and transmission and distribution sectors which means that asset integrity data can be hosted in the cloud and used to make quicker, more informed maintenance planning decisions.

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Minimise costs

The cost of inspection across the wind, nuclear and transmission and distribution sectors is more than halved by using drones when compared with more labour intensive access methods, such as scaffolding or rope access. Cyberhawk clients have reported savings of up to 300%.

Reduce safety risk

Complex onshore and offshore environments require experienced pilots and inspectors. Using drones avoids the requirement to work at height, in confined spaces and in generally hazardous areas.


Through automation and highly skilled pilots, Cyberhawk has halved inspection times for clients operating in the wind, nuclear and transmission and distribution sectors. This not only means reduced costs, but also results in improved scheduling and personnel spending less time in hazardous environments.


Drones present customers with a powerful screening tool; assets and equipment can be quickly reviewed by the drone, with the data captured used to identify where further inspection, contact NDT and maintenance is required.


iHawk offers modules specifically for wind turbines and powerlines, as well as solutions to monitor chimneys, cooling towers, nuclear domes and other types of assets. The data presented in iHawk uses a traffic light status to show defect severity, along with detailed imagery of problem areas. For powerlines, tablets can be used in the field and the iHawk Maintenance module allows work order to be initiated and tracked.


With 60 staff and a decade of experience, oil and gas inspection is at Cyberhawk’s core. From our offices in Livingston, Houston, Aberdeen, Birmingham, Kuala Lumpar and Abu Dhabi, our team is trusted by major companies all around the world to safely and efficiently complete workscopes. We have completed more than 30,000 flights in 33 countries, along with more than 30 world firsts.


Our Clients

We work with some of the world’s largest power generation companies and transmission and distribution operators.