Decommissioning asset inspection for Kinsale Energy in Ireland

Cyberhawk, the global leader in visual asset management using drone collected data, has completed its first offshore oil and gas work in Ireland for Kinsale


Cyberhawk is delighted to see the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) launch the Industrial Drone Operations Training Standard, a new course which trains drone

Tank, Tanker & FPSO

Cyberhawk can undertake UAV internal inspections of large tanks on operational vessels such as FPSOs, bulk carriers and tankers. Our inspection engineers are able to

Flare Stacks

Cyberhawk has completed more than 500 close visual and thermal flare inspections and surveys. We can inspect flares both onshore and offshore while they are

Cyberhawk completes drone underdeck inspection in Norwegian North Sea

A Cyberhawk team recently completed a challenging ‘multiscope’ drone inspection at a platform belonging to a supermajor in the Norwegian North Sea. Our experienced offshore

Railway Strategies: A Flying Success

Cyberhawk has been featured in the latest edition {June 2018} of Railway Strategies where our Commercial Director, Phil Buchan, discusses recent trials for Network Rail

OHL and Substation Asset Management Solutions for SSEN Transmission

As part of our framework with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), Cyberhawk provides inspection and asset management solutions for the SSEN transmission overhead line and substation

Energy Voice: our rapid rise in work supports forecast

Forecasts released this morning {29 May, 2018} from PwC predict that a rise in drone usage in the oil and gas industry and in Scotland’s farming

Inspection of elevated vent silencers for major gas manufacturer

Cyberhawk was appointed by major specialty gas manufacturer to inspect a number of elevated vent silencers and their support structures at its manufacturing facility in East England using UAVs.  The main focus of the inspection was

Detailed examination of Royal Border Bridge

  As a Network Rail framework holder, Cyberhawk recently completed a detailed examination viaduct inspection campaign which included an inspection of the iconic Royal Border