Transforming tank integrity management

Drone Inspection for Onshore Storage Tanks

Cyberhawk can quickly, easily and safely provide you with comprehensive tank integrity data, both internally and externally, using a drone.

Our inspection technique means we can conduct general and close visual inspections in a fraction of the time required by traditional methods, which lowers costs and minimises the time required to spend in the tank or working at height.

Our tank inspection service also includes a proven solution for UT testing, a development set to transform how tank inspection is completed, which allows us to conduct inspections which are fully API-653 and EEMUA-159 compliant.

Visual data captured from these inspections can be hosted as a cloud-based digital inspection report, which allows teams to view problems areas in the context of the full tank and gain a 360 degree view of inside the tank. This data can be used to evidence decisions and to support communication between contractors and multi-disciplinary teams.

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Reduce inspection and confined space entry time

UT certified measurements at 0.1mm accuracy

API-653 and EEMUA-159 compliant

Digital reporting solutions available


Highly detailed data

Our drone based visual inspection and UT testing solution means detailed data can be captured to assess the integrity status of your entire tank. We use payloads which capture high definition, highly detailed inspection imagery and footage, and a UT testing drone which provides certified measurements at 0.1mm accuracy, validated by a Level 2 NDT Engineer.



API-653 and EEMUA-159 compliant

Deployment of our drones is far quicker and easier than traditional access methods, and the speed of our data capturing technique means minimum time needs to be spend in the tank. For UT testing, we are able to execute a full API653 grid of 300 points in less than a day and similarly, can capture visual inspection data of a full tank in just one day.


Less time required inside tanks

Our drone inspection and contact NDT solution provides an initial audit of the tank and means that tactile inspection, repair and maintenance can be focused only on priority areas. This means time working at height and in confined space areas is minimised.

Digital reporting solutions

iHawk Tank is at the forefront of tank integrity management, providing asset owners with a complete, detailed visual record of the tank which is hosted in the cloud for quick, easy access. Data can be compared with historic inspection results to monitor known defects and trends, and through secure log-ins, multiple asset teams and contractors can access the same central point of data.

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