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iHawk Construction

iHawk Construction allows project teams to visualise the progress of site construction or expansion using an aerial view, enabling better communication between stakeholders, planning of future worksite activities and tracking project milestones.

iHawk Construction was developed with the client’s requirements at its core, which means as well as storing and hosting drone-captured site data, it can also incorporate third party software to offer RFID tagging and asset tracking, traffic management and time-lapse imagery functionality.

Our highly trained drone pilots are able to mobilise to site to capture detailed imagery, however we also work with local drone operators or our clients’ internal drone team to provide you with the most efficient possible solution.

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Reduce visits to site

Track project progress

A complete visual record of the site

Better communication with project teams


Host multiple data formats

iHawk Construction can host various types of data including orthophotos, 360 degree spherical aerial and ground images, 3D point clouds, mesh models and video. Our team of software developers also work closely with clients to create bespoke functionality requirements.

Better planning and communication

A complete, up-to-date site overview helps improve workforce mobilisation planning, project team and contractor collaboration, materials management and much more.

Track progress

Regular data capture means progress can be efficiently tracked and used to support timeline management, early identification of any issues, the release payment to contractors and other progress-related activities.

Enhanced functionality

As well as aerial imagery, iHawk Construction can also host ground camera imagery, time lapse footage and build in RFID asset tagging and traffic management. Visual imagery can be viewed by date using calendar functionality, and data sets from two points in time can be compared side-by-side with progress traceable using a slider.

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