iHawk Land Survey

Land Survey Reporting Software

iHawk Land Survey allows visual survey data to be hosted in the cloud, enabling quick, easy and secure access to your latest site surveys and comparison with historic visual data.

This supports activities such as pre-construction planning, small, short-term construction projects and general land surveys.

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Compare data sets to monitor progress and trends

Improve communication between site teams and contractors

Upload data from multiple sources

Less visits required to site


Host multiple data formats

iHawk Construction can host various types of data including orthophotos, 360 degree spherical aerial and ground images, 3D point clouds, mesh models and video.


Better planning and communication

A complete, up-to-date site overview helps improve workforce mobilisation planning, project team and contractor collaboration, materials management and much more.

Improved reporting

Using a cloud-based solution means multiple project stakeholders can log in to and view one central source of visual data. This removes challenges around data storage and sharing and means data from multiple site surveys can be hosted in one single, easily accessible place.

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