Survey more than 200 Hectares in one day

UAV Land Survey

We use fixed wing and multirotor UAVs to acquire high resolution aerial images. This imagery is processed using advanced photogrammetry software to generate orthophotos, digital elevation models and panoramic images of a site.

This type of imagery is commonly used for site design, health and safety inductions, evacuation plans, tendering information and as-built photography. All of this can be presented in a web based 360 degree virtual tour using our iHawk software.

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More than 200Ha surveyed in one day

10m congested areas flight permission

More than 1500m extended line of sight flight permission

Cloud-based site visualisation

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Cost savings

Large areas (more than 200 Hectares per day) can be surveyed up to 50 times faster than ground-based land surveying, with multiple teams allowing rapid deployment. Multiple datasets can be acquired in a single site visit.

Improved health & safety

Hazardous areas can be surveyed with minimal ground access and less time is required on site due to rapid data collection. Cyberhawk holds 10m congested area and 1500m extended line of sight flight permissions.

Better data

Orthophotos can be obtained with ground resolution down to 10mm and digital elevation models with 30mm positional accuracy. Our extensive equipment fleet offers the flexibility of multiple fixed-wing and multirotor UAV platforms with a variety of sensors and oblique, panoramic and spherical imagery can be captured to use as part of comprehensive site documentation.

Site Visualisation

iHawk Land Survey uses visual data, including that captured by drone, to provide you with a digital twin of your site. This allows the tracking of site changes and comparison of data sets, with the ability to zoom into areas of interest. This solution is used particularly on constructions sites and during extension projects.