A New Revolution

A Pragmatic Approach to Blade Intelligence & Health
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22 October 2019

As turbines continue to deliver a greater percentage energy generation capacity, a pragmatic approach to blade intelligence and asset health is essential to maximise AEP and maintain aging fleets. With many wind turbine owners/operators being dubious about the accuracy and quality of unmanned aerial system (UAS) collected data, and digital reporting seeming like a sharp departure from the old hat PDF reports of the past, innovation can find itself on the backburner. This lag in digital progress means missing opportunities to operate faster, smarter and safer.

It’s time to take a leap into the digital age of pragmatic visual asset management.

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As seen in Wind Energy Network magazine.

Q: “Why would I want a digital report?”

A: Well here’s the thing, with UAS inspections capturing close to 100% visual coverage of a structure, a great deal more data is collected compared to traditional methods. With all this additional high-quality data, it’s no surprise that up to 95% of valuable UAS collected data is wasted when reporting in a PDF format. By opting for digital report, you can take full advantage of all the data collected. Not only will it save you time and resources managing your data, it can be a proverbial gold mine when making expensive decisions.

Team transparency, log efficiency, rapid issue identification and enhanced decision making are all reasons you need to be reporting digitally. Ask yourself; am I being an innovative leader? Am I exploring and presenting new technologies that help decrease the cost of identifying asset repairs and making proactive O&M decisions to extend the lifespan of turbine blades?

At Cyberhawk we inspect and manage inspection data for thousands of turbine blades across the UK and Europe. Recognized as international leaders in end-to-end visual data management, our business was built from the ground up by engineers for engineers, so we understand the challenges posed with asset management. After seeing the flaws in offline visual data reports, we set out to create a cutting-edge solution to equip other future-driven engineers with the tools needed to harness the power of visual inspections. iHawk was born, and for the last five years we have been helping the energy and renewable industry make smarter, more efficient and safer O&M decisions.

Don’t fall behind. Become digital.