End-to-end visibility across the grid

Since 2008 Cyberhawk has been helping clients manage their entire power grid, from generation through to transmission and distribution.

Using the latest drone technology our highly-skilled pilots capture accurate and consistent visual data of every type of asset across the grid to provide a single source of truth, and the visual evidence you need to make informed decisions about the network.


Data Collection

Our drone-based inspections collect comprehensive, ultra-hi-res, close visual inspection data more than four times faster than traditional methods. As well as speeding up decision-making, this significantly improves personal safety by reducing ‘at height’ working and limiting worker exposure to live power lines.

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Data Processing

Cyberhawk’s in-house teams of industry engineers analyze the data collected to categorize and report on the size and location of defects of each asset, in accordance with the agreed defect standard. Our analysis and quality assurance process ensures inspection accuracy and efficiency, as inspectors only need to view images once to analyze fully.

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Data processing



iHawk offers a step-change in digital asset management for generation, transmission, and distribution operators. Our unique software takes data captured from drones – as well as helicopters or ground patrols – to provide a detailed record of the condition of every asset that is centrally available to all relevant teams via an easy-to-use dashboard.

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I Hawk
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Reduce the use of helicopters

Cyberhawk’s drone-based service is the modern way to collect visual data. As well as providing more detailed and higher quality data, our drone-based approach is significantly cheaper, faster, and safer than the traditional methods of manned helicopters or working at height using rope access.

Improve OpEx management

Our team of industry-leading drone pilots and engineers are trained to the highest standard to perform full grid inspections. We can capture high-quality visual data to empower your T&D teams with the evidence-based decision making capabilities they need to minimize unplanned outages and budget overspending.

Unlock legacy data

Our iHawk visual asset management software also has the capability to unlock legacy data collected by helicopter or third-party drones. Using the industry-specific categorizer and iSim functionality, the project team can rate each image, compare it with previous ones, and even create a work order to conduct manned inspection or maintenance.

Work quickly and at scale 

We have one of the largest pools of experienced pilots in the industry, allowing us to scale large programs rapidly and respond quickly to urgent projects. We continuously invest in expanding and equipping our drone fleet with the latest innovations to ensure we can adapt to different operating environments, support greater endurance and beyond visual line-of-sight operations.


iHawk in action

Software for engineers, by engineers. Harness the power of visual data management software and lead your organization into the digital age. Make the most of your visual data and seamlessly share it with the people that matter.

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Work with the best

Your drone inspection program requires careful consideration to ensure it meets your specific needs and delivers optimum value for your business.

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See a step change

An effective drone inspection program is a proven way to gain a major improvement in efficiency across the value chain – both safely and reliably.

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Cyberhawk offers industry-leading capabilities across the entire program lifecycle, from planning and execution, to analysis and decision.

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Growing use cases

As digital transformation advances, UAS inspection remains a vital tool in any asset maintenance program and choosing the right partner is key to success.

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Prepare for the future

It is important to think not only about solving the challenges you face in your industry today, but how to set yourself up for success in the future.

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End-to-end solutions

Whether you’re just evaluating a drone inspection program or have had one for years, Cyberhawk is the partner of choice for leading companies globally and can scale to your needs with you.


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