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Launching or scaling-up a UAS program can be a challenge for any organization, but our advisory service, AVIATE, is designed to help you understand each of the elements that you will need to consider.

We will work with you to understand your requirements and then map them to our proven approach so that you can easily and cost-effectively get your program off the ground.

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Shot sheet

The shot sheet is the first step for identifying your detailed requirements. It outlines specific instructions and parameters for capturing visual data, ensuring consistency in quality and comprehensive coverage of your assets.

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Inspection standards alignment

Regulation and compliance with established standards and best practices is a key part of the service we offer with AVIATE. This alignment is crucial not only for compliance, but also for consistency and reliability in the inspection data we collect and output.

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Equipment recommendation

With access to all the latest drones, payloads and other technology, we will evaluate the specific needs of your UAS program to both determine and recommend the best equipment to meet your needs.

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Maintenance program

Our decades of experience mean that our inspection engineers and experts will bring a systematic approach to your UAS program, which is designed to ensure the reliability, safety, and efficiency of the assets and equipment used across your operations. Our objectives are to prevent equipment failures, minimize downtime and disruptions, and optimize asset performance.

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UAS inspection of assets

Whatever the size of your transmission and distribution network or the total number of assets you have, we will agree a fixed number of sample assets to inspect. We will gather real-time, full quality visual data for you to be able to analyze and assess their condition.

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iHawk trial

iHawk, our industry-leading, next generation visualisation software harnesses the power of visual data and enables you to have a single source of truth for your assets at any scale. We will pre-load your inspection data so that you can get truly hands on with a three month trial.

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Advisory report

Our field engineers will also produce a comprehensive report that summarizes the findings, recommendations, and insights gathered during the inspection flights of the 200 assets. This report is a full document that will provide you with actionable insights, guidance and recommendations based on the inspection findings. Get in touch to find out more about how Cyberhawk can help you launch or enhance your UAS inspections program.


iHawk in action

Want to learn more about iHawk and how it can enable full visibility of your construction project?

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Renewable energy

Cyberhawk’s drone technology delivers close visual and thermal inspections for wind turbine maintenance.

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Power grids

Cyberhawk helps clients manage the entire power grid from generation through transmission and distribution.

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iHawk harnesses the power of visual data to provide full situational awareness and project visibility to all key stakeholders.

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