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Apache , North Sea

"Our offshore team has reported a very professional and reliable service and we all have confidence that any future scope of work will be completed in the same manner. The communication and turnaround of the deliverables was excellent."


“When I decided to use drones for the first time at our facility in Oman, I had a number of concerns. Safety is, of course, the top priority at BP but, also, we needed to work with a company that understands the complexity of working in the region as the permit and licensing requirements can be quite prolonged.

The level of service we received from Cyberhawk was outstanding. From the professionalism of the team on-site to the quality of the data the drone gathered and the level of reporting the team delivered, it was all

We had access to the reports and visualisation through the iHawk software platform and this has been widely shared within the group. The Cyberhawk team was extremely safety-focused and this came through in their day to day interactions with the BP operations team on the ground."

We are now looking at ways we can further expand the drone program within our assets. I would describe Cyberhawk as safe, reliable and very focused on quality. I would not hesitate in recommending them to my colleagues who are looking to embed drones in their operations.”


“SSEN has been working with Cyberhawk since 2009, and our confidence in the team’s ability continues to grow. Not only are the experienced pilots able to safely and efficiently capture an extremely intricate level of detail, but the addition of iHawk means we have fit-for-purpose, intuitive asset management software. We regularly refer to the data contained in iHawk to make decisions and develop maintenance schedules.”

Total Lindsey Oil Refinery

“Extremely happy with the service provided. The on site work was carried out with no issues whatsoever. A daily progress report was provided. Initial findings were reported very quickly, and the final reports were sent in a timely manner. The standard of the reports was excellent.”

Dubai Petroleum

"Having worked with Cyberhawk in the past, we understand and appreciate the potential on offer from UAV inspections. This confidence led us to use UAVs in a new area within our business, this risers survey project. The campaign was a great success and we are pleased with the outcome. The speed and efficiency with which this project was completed has proven that the scope and application of UAV inspection can be expanded for our requirements, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Cyberhawk in the future."


"Cyberhawk’s inspection technology and engineering expertise gives us precise details of the state of all components in our transmission systems. The imagery and interpretation provided mean that we have visual documentation and highly accurate analysis relating to the condition of assets. It has been easier and faster to use Cyberhawk’s iHawk software to work with the data, compared to our usual approach."

"Cyberhawk has been excellent to deal with. Any issues or problems have been dealt with quickly and efficiently." Project Manager at SSE

Oman LNG

"A professional approach using state-of-the-art technology, showing inspection results we have never seen before."

Maersk Oil

I can confidently say that everyone involved is astonished at the clarity of the photography and the accessibility of the aircraft to the flare structure, to gain views of the flare tip and structure that have typically been unavailable from “full sized” aerial surveys. The inspection report is therefore far more comprehensive than anything we have previously been able to produce.

The offshore Cyberhawk team present themselves as very professional, unobtrusive, fully prepared and familiar with all necessary safety precautions.

As a consequence of the above I would have no hesitation recommending Cyberhawk as the preferred means for conducting this type of inspection in future and indeed we are already considering additional scopes that could be undertaken using this technology such as under deck inspections…


“As for the use of digital tools supporting efficient field execution, on this Project, we went on the scale of 1 to 10 in the space of just 2 years.” - Engineering & Assurance Manager

“iHawk has profoundly transformed the way we plan, coordinate, and control multiple concurrent activity streams on this highly congested construction site, driving safe and productive behaviors across all levels of the execution organization.” - Construction Director

“iHawk is a great example of starting with one Problem worth solving, the original use case being the construction progress visualization and comparing it against the plan. Many more challenges were resolved over time, enabling both Shell and Contractors access to multiple use cases adding significant value. It is the perfect balance of Innovation and Evolution, that we now aim to scale and replicate across all Projects in an affordable way.” - GM Capital Projects IM/IT

"We have a recorded case where access to historical site imagery helped reduce a contractor claim entitlement by 60% (millions). This is not a testament to the iHawk per se, but to the drone survey program at large. Yet with the iHawk at hand, the claim meeting lasted less than 30 minutes.

We know that the Site Master Planner is doing work typically performed by 4 people, by his own admission. iHawk enables that efficiency.

We know that FindAll saves up to 5 min per document search. On-prem legacy FindAll was accessed 20,000- 25,000 times per month

We know that 360 ground imagery prevented a 5-zero number in building contractors’ claims – that’s just one building. Same as above, this would happen without iHawk too, but iHawk makes everything a lot more accessible and easier to prove one’s case.

Conservatively, we estimate that digital technology supporting construction (that is iHawk + a myriad of connected tools) enables an efficiency gain up to 1% (by the total number of manhours). We had 7500 people on site yesterday…" - Head of IT/IM

"Over the past 20 years, different methods of remote inspection have been tried to inspect these items and Cyberhawk has produced the best results out with a close visual inspection. The work was completed without any operational delays and had no real impact on daily operations." - Inspection Team Lead, Shell

"A company with a professional approach using state of the art technology, showing inspections results we have never seen before on live equipment. After Pernis, Moerdijk and BLNG I would recommend Cyberhawk to any site dealing with inspections at height on live equipment. Value for money." - Head of Civils, Shell Asia

"Calm, purposeful, competent and safe workers. Excellent interpretation of images by Inspection Engineer." - Area Inspector, Shell UK

Just reviewed iHawk’.

"Hawk is the best in class and has set a new standard.”

“What iHawk is doing is unheard of and amazing. Outstanding work."

Network Rail

"Thanks for the reports received and very impressed with the way Cyberhawk has performed. Recommending the service within Network Rail"


“This is the second project (Morecambe Bay Inspection) we have had Cyberhawk do for us in the last few months. They have been doing underdeck inspections on some of our remote platforms from a FRC boat, saving us time, money and ensuring inspections are being completed safely. Their inspection methods enabled the core helicopter intervention crew on the topsides of the remote platform to remain the same. Cyberhawk team did not take up POB on the platform, ensuring other maintenance tasks could continue unhindered, thus meeting the scheduled plan. We have also used them on our terminals at Barrow in Furness. They are an excellent company to work with and their engineers are very professional with great reports to allow informed engineering decisions to be made.”

Atkins Global

“The use of Cyberhawk Drone Surveys, Orthophotos and iHawk has been a real game-changer for early development works and has enabled key design decisions to be made quicker than before. I would use it again in a heartbeat” - Principal Engineer, Atkins Global

Repsol UK

“From the very start, when the Cyberhawk team arrived and discussed the scope, the attitude of the team was excellent. The scope of work was executed within 2 shifts of flying and was completed ahead of schedule allowing us to save on cost. The quality of the sample images I have seen is very good with excellent communication with myself through to reporting.

The Cyberhawk team could not be more professional in what they do and the level of detail both guys went into with the permit and discussions around locations for flying during site visit. This has been a 1st class job completed with the Cyberhawk team.”
Montrose FIE, Repsol UK


"The Cyberhawk teams always arrive fully equipped and with good knowledge of the work scope. Their teams are always courteous and perform in a safe reliable manner. The data collected is of a very high standard with great high-resolution images." - Contractor Coordinator at SABIC


"All the team at Cyberhawk that I dealt with were very helpful. They were also very patient with me and understanding when plans changed. They were very informative and were able to answer all the queries I had about the reports and IHawk system." Service Coordinator at Nordex

Trusted partners

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We work on offshore facilities, such as fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, and FPSOs, as well as onshore refineries, petrochemical plants and construction sites offering close visual and thermal inspections. We also provide an intuitive visualization platform that entails 2D/3D virtual tours, and full IoT integrations.

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Power Generation

Wind & Nuclear

Our power generation data collection and data management solution combines drone-captured data and cloud-based software, iHawk. Working extensively on wind farms and nuclear facilities, we enable clients with the tools and data they need quickly and easily understand the condition of their critical assets.

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Power Grid

We have extensive experience in collecting drone-based integrity data and digitalizing it through our cloud-based software, iHawk for power grids. We work on some of the biggest networks in the world and inspect and manage thousands of transmission and distribution structures every year. Together with our efficient inspection solution, data captured can be hosted, stored and interrogated using iHawk.

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Capital Projects

We enable project teams to increase "time-on-tools" by enhancing cross-organizational and cross-vendor workflows, planning of future worksite activities and tracking project milestones through a combination of sensor data inputs and our data management solution, iHawk.

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Drone Data Collection

Cyberhawk is the world leader in drone survey and inspection for the energy industry, helping clients assess the condition of their assets, allowing them to make evidence-based decisions. Cyberhawk inspection reports and visual data are the gold standard in the oil, gas & petrochemical, power generation, and power grid sectors as they empower clients with full visibility of their assets.

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With a mature cloud-based software platform and unrivaled operational drone experience, we help our clients digitalize and manage their asset throughout its lifecycle from construction, handover to ongoing integrity monitoring, and decommissioning, and delve into the detailed visual insights required to make evidence-based decisions. Our data management solution creates organizational and situational awareness by providing unrestricted access at all levels of our client’s organization.

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Drone Data Collection
Close-visual and thermal drone-based inspections & survey
Cloud-based visual data management software

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We offer an end-to-end solution that provides complete situational awareness, helping you make better evidence-based decisions. Our solutions create organizational visibility across all assets and facilities making your business faster, smarter, and safer.

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