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How Do You Keep an Eye on Everything?

Accurately assessing the condition of your critical assets, construction project status, and partner productivity is a challenge not easily solved when faced with fewer resources. You can start to lose sight of the big picture when trying to make sense of so many different data points, increasing the risk of costly delays and catastrophic equipment failure.

Meeting these challenges requires a single source of truth capable of protecting, assessing, and monitoring your critical assets, construction projects, and contractors.

Cyberhawk’s visual intelligence solutions provide the tools to make your critical infrastructure and capital projects safer, smarter, and more efficient.

With over a decade of industry experience, Cyberhawk is the world leader and first-mover in drone inspection services and visualization software for the energy and capital projects sectors.

Your Single Source of Truth

Drone Data Collection

Cyberhawk™ is an industry leader and first-mover in using drones to conduct aerial surveys and close visual inspections of difficult-to-reach assets and projects. Cyberhawk team has accomplished over 35 world’s first in drone inspection services and we continue to develop new technologies that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Safer Worksites

Drones take your team members out of harm’s way by performing detailed visual inspections in high-danger areas without needing to shut down operations.

Track Project Progress

Track the visible progress of your project against the planned schedule and the movement of materials and assets around your worksite.

Fewer Field Visits

Drone inspection reduce the need to deploy teams into the field for manual inspection. Reduced site visits save your team time and eliminates costly travel.

iHawk Software

A first-of-its-kind data management and analytics software solution, iHawk was designed to help companies understand their data and have the information required to make evidence-based decisions that improve productivity and lower costs. iHawk enables our clients to harness the power of visual data by easily sharing it throughout their organization with the stakeholders that need it most.

Easy-to-Use Interface

iHawk’s intuitive dashboard enables users to maximize their data through our visual, cloud-based, GIS-enabled software.

Decision Accountability

Track and log every decision made during a project across multiple levels of accountability to clarify contractor claims.

360° Visibility

iHawk visualizes assets and streamlines critical data so that it’s easy to understand and share across teams.



Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We work on offshore facilities, onshore refineries, petrochemical plants and construction sites offering close visual and thermal inspections.


Power Generation

Working extensively on wind farms and nuclear facilities, we enable clients with the tools and data they need quickly and easily understand the condition of their critical assets.


Power Grid

We work on some of the biggest networks in the world and inspect and manage thousands of transmission and distribution structures each year.


Capital Projects

Cyberhawk enables project teams to enhance cross-organizational and cross-vendor workflows to better plan future worksite activities and track project milestones.

Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals

The owner’s portal: Where Site Planners, Contractors and Executives meet to discuss progress and resolve claims.

In 2017, Shell Polymers selected Cyberhawk’s iHawk visualization platform as the digital tool for managing their 380-acre construction site. iHawk facilitated the coordination and protection of 8,500 on-site workers and over 30 different contracting companies.

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks

SSEN Transmission keeps the power flowing with the early adoption of drones, IoT, and our data management and analytics software solution, iHawk.

When SSEN Transmission published its digital strategy outlining its commitment to safety, innovation, and environmentally friendly practices, the company required an effective data collection and management system to make its strategy a success. Cyberhawk answered the call by revolutionizing how utility companies like SSEN Transmission capture, store, and manage data integrity.

Meet The Team

Founded in 2008 by industry veterans who understand the value of visual data to asset owners and inspection managers, Cyberhawk has become an industry pioneer in aerial drone inspection services and surveys. Composed of a highly-skilled team of energy sector veterans, world-class pilots, inspection engineers, and in-house software developers, Cyberhawk operates in 37 countries worldwide, providing innovative collection, inspection, and management solution for the energy and capital projects sectors.

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