Cyberhawk Wins public safety award for power grid inspection and wildfire prevention

Airwards Cyberhawk May 2022 png
27 May 2022

Cyberhawk has been recognised for public safety at this year’s Airwards, the global drone awards. The accolade was received in acknowledgement of the company’s power grid inspection capabilities and contribution to wildfire prevention initiatives using drones.

Cyberhawk has developed a visual intelligence solution for critical energy infrastructure. The end-to-end inspection solution supports the condition-monitoring of infrastructure which help power grid operators to identify faults before they affect the electricity supply.

The firm leverages drone technology to conduct close visual inspections of live infrastructure in often inaccessible areas that are prone to wildfire risk.

Drone imagery is layered with existing inspection data, captured from helicopters or groundcrews, and analysed using an IoT-enabled software solution called iHawk.

iHawk is a cloud-based software solution that manages all visual inspection data recorded from electricity towers, substations, and overhead lines to help power grid operators prioritise maintenance.

Wildfire prevention

In the US, the visual intelligence solution has been proven to detect obstructions, like encroaching vegetation or damaged electrical components, as a proactive approach to wildfire mitigation planning.

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Airwards is the first programme to recognise the real-world positive impact of drones. The awards are dedicated to recognising innovative use-cases of drone technology from around the world.

Chris Fleming, CEO at Cyberhawk commented: “We are proud to be recognised by the Airwards for services to public safety. Our teams work tirelessly with power grid operators to capture inspection data safely, quickly, and on an unprecedented scale, to ensure electricity networks continue to run uninterrupted.”