Cyberhawk plant 150 trees for the big climate fightback

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03 Dec 2019

As part of our on-going commitment to the environment, the Cyberhawk team and extended family hosted a tree-planting party to contribute to the wonderful work The Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback.

To help neutralise our carbon footprint and CO2 emission created by travelling the world to complete jobs, we visited a local park close to our office in Edinburgh armed with pickaxes, spades and trowels with the plan to plant over 150 trees, all sourced from The Woodland Trust.

Some quick maths!

1 tree = 22kg CO2 absorbed per year or 1 tonne in 40 years. This means our 150 trees X 22kg = 3.3 tonnes per year!

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43 Cyberhawkers met with Ruth from the Forest Department of Edinburgh Council who had already mapped two planting sites:

along the back of the park to give shelter from the Edinburgh Airport runway which backs onto the park along the busy roadside at the front of the park.
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Over the course of the day we planted a mixture of alder, English oak, aspen and hazel. The species were chosen due to their slow growing, hardy nature which provide a natural barrier between the busy road and runway at either side of the park, gives a helping hand to local nature and cleans the air we, and our children, breath. As well as planting trees, we aimed to educate the younger members of the group of the importance of tree planting techniques, long term effects from enforcing environmental consciousness and the rewards of both the visible and invisible impact on the landscape and climate.

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To finish up the day, we headed back to the office to warm up with some delicious home-made Thai food!

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This year, The Woodland trust hope to engage with one million people to pledge to plant a tree to help us fight the climate emergency. National Tree Week is the UK's largest annual tree celebration, and marks the start of the winter tree planting season which runs November to March each year. #EveryTreeCounts

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