Cyberhawk to support major utility company inspect over 50,000 transmission structures in California

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11 Aug 2020

Cyberhawk, the global leader in drone-based inspection and creator of iHawk, a cloud-based asset visualization software, today announced that it secured a contract with a major California-based utility for the provision of drone services.

The contract, which was secured earlier this year through a competitive tender process, will see Cyberhawk support the utility’s critical wildfire prevention and reliability campaign. The scope of work includes thousands of drone inspections of lattice steel towers and wood electricity transmission structures that are part of the golden state’s critical electric networks.

Cyberhawk will draw on its experience of providing utility operators with the next level of quality in inspection data collection and management, bringing a step change in defect identification, maintenance planning, and the tracking of remedial actions, helping utilities to maintain safe and resilient power grid networks.

Recognized as the world leader in drone inspection, Cyberhawk will deploy highly skilled, retained drone pilots who have completed a rigorous training regime, have hundreds of industrial-focused flying hours under their belts, and have individually acquired over four years’ experience safely flying drones in complex and challenging environments across the globe.

Commenting on the contract win, Cyberhawk’s CEO, Chris Fleming, said “Protecting customers and property during wildfire season is a top priority for US utilities. To prevent deadly fires, and prevent power outages, mitigation is key. We’re seeing more and more utilities turn to trusted drone-based inspection services to bolster their wildfire prevention and reliability programmes.

“Securing this contract reinforces the high level of trust we have fostered within the utilities sector and highlights the strong performance of our people and technology. We have proven that we can successfully deliver drone services to the very highest standards time and time again in challenging conditions, and across a number of safety-critical project scopes.

“We are looking forward to building on this relationship and continuing to provide US utilities with innovative drone solutions, and highly skilled pilots, to shore up their inspection and maintenance programmes and ensure operations are as safe and resilient as possible.”

As an industry pioneer, Cyberhawk has achieved 35 world firsts, inspected more than 15,000 structures and safely executed over 45,000 UAV flights. Today, it operates in 37 countries worldwide, and has key offices in Denver, Houston and San Francisco serving the needs of the utilities sector across the United States.

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