Cyberhawk wins contract with Chevron North Sea Limited

Chris 20 Fleming Chief 20 Executive Cyberhawk 20 Alt jpg
23 Sep 2019

Cyberhawk is excited to announce they have signed a contract with Chevron North Sea Limited (CNSL) for UAV-based inspection services following the completion of a successful proof of concept inspection on one of CNSL’s assets.

As part of the contract, Cyberhawk will provide their industry-leading UAV inspection services on all CNSL’s assets and present the inspection results through their cloud-based visual asset management system, iHawk.

Cyberhawk is the international leader in end-to-end visual inspection data management who offer a seamless combination of data collection through UAV-based inspection, and digitised, high-quality inspection reports from their cloud-based visual asset management system, iHawk. Boasting 10 years’ experience and extensive industry engineering knowledge, Cyberhawk offer an end-to-end service designed for engineers by engineers, providing fault-finding visual information helping asset owners make critical maintenance decisions.

Chris Fleming, Chief Executive Officer of Cyberhawk stated “We are delighted to sign this contract with Chevron which will deliver a faster, safer and cheaper alternative solution to traditional methods of confined space inspection. One day we won't have to send people at all into these environments to inspect, and the use of remote solutions will be the norm.”