Cyberhawk pledges ESG commitments in new report

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25 Jul 2022

As Cyberhawk continues to grow, we are focused on bolstering our responsibility as a business to always act ethically and operate in a safe and sustainable manner.

We worked with our key stakeholders to determine the most significant Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues facing Cyberhawk.

As a result, we’ve produced our first ever annual ESG report, which formalises our commitment to three core pillars:

  1. Elevating our People
  2. Protecting our Planet
  3. Doing Decent Business

The report outlines our approach toward achieving our ESG goals, including the benchmarks we’ll use to hold ourselves to account.

While this is the first year that we’ve formalised our ESG commitment, the fundamental principles of looking after our people, preserving the environment and conducting ethical business practices, have always been at the heart of our activities.

But we can’t stop there. We’re always looking to constantly improve and work alongside our customers to help them achieve safety and sustainability goals.

Elevating Our People

At Cyberhawk, the safety and well-being of our employees are the highest priority. We celebrate our employee diversity and foster a culture of inclusion to form one team. We are huge advocates of having varied experiences and backgrounds which unlocks different approaches to solving challenges.

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Cyberhawk is committed to developing new solutions which keep our customers safe. Our drone teams inspect hazardous areas and prevent technicians from taking unnecessary risks, working at height or in confined spaces. Our visualisation software, iHawk, is also used to quickly identify structural defects which can lead to more serious safety implications if left undetected.

Protecting Our Planet

We’re committed to reducing carbon emissions for ourselves, and on behalf of our customers, to build a more sustainable future together. 

"We are committed to continually developing low carbon solutions for our customers and support their transition to Net Zero."

We've recently introduced electric vehicles to our transport fleet to reduce carbon emissions generated from field operations.

Our drone inspections also produce fewer carbon emissions than traditional aerial surveys performed using helicopters, and during capital project delivery, our cloud-based iHawk software reduces the need for globally dispersed teams travelling to the construction site for a visual assessment of the project.

Doing Decent Business

Cyberhawk has always adhered to legal and ethical practices when working with customers, third parties and as an employer.

We pride ourselves on being a fair employer and trusted partner. Our code of ethics details the high standards expected by anyone who represents Cyberhawk. From anti-bribery & corruption policies to data management and cybersecurity, our employees and contractors are educated about our code of ethics from the point of induction.

As a business, we also undertake a rigorous assessment from recognised accreditation bodies, to maintain our business processes and working practices to international standards.

Our ESG Report

Publishing our ESG report marks the start of the journey for Cyberhawk. We’re excited about the road ahead and how we can work with our customers to help tackle global ESG challenges together.

Cyberhawk's 2022 ESG report is available to view here: