Meet Duncan Jamieson

Whose work brings clients' data to life through iHawk
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07 December 2022

Visualisation & Geospatial Manager Duncan Jamieson works across Cyberhawk’s global team and plays a vital role in bringing clients’ data to life through iHawk.

In this blog, Duncan reveals how a newspaper article led to his chosen career path and what day-to-day working life looks like at a progressive and innovative company.

Tell us a little bit more about your career journey and your route to Cyberhawk. Was this a career you always wanted to pursue?

I had originally planned to become a graphic designer and was ready to start college when, at the last minute, I came across a newspaper article that really stood out to me and ultimately changed my career path. It was about a topographic science course which sounded really interesting and a great fit for me as I had always just…got maps. It also had a 100% employment rate from the course, so I decided to go for it and completed my degree at Glasgow University. For 11 years I worked as a land surveyor carrying out traditional surveys which then led to me joining Cyberhawk.

You are meeting someone for the first time…how do you describe what you do at Cyberhawk?

I make maps and 3D models using drones. This makes clients’ lives easier as it brings all their visual data together in one place.

What difference do you and your team make for Cyberhawk’s customers?

I like to think that by bringing data into one place in iHawk that we make the working lives of our clients easier. It enables them to get a different viewpoint and visualise their data in a different way – which in turns leads to better and quicker decisions. The feedback we receive from our clients reflects this. It’s really rewarding to see the impact we are making to how they capture, view, and manage their critical data.

What does a typical working day involve for you?

My role is a very varied and interesting one. I work across our global team and client base so have various meetings with colleagues and clients in Qatar, the UK, and the US. I work with my team to identify the type of support they need and assist them with problem solving. Another key part of my role is meeting with both existing and new clients around the world to discuss how we can help them to make their working lives easier. And, of course, my role also includes a healthy dose of admin!

What do you enjoy most about your job…and what makes you proud about working at Cyberhawk?

I enjoy how different and interesting my job is. It has never been, and I doubt it ever will be, boring. I am proud to work with Cyberhawk because we are a progressive and innovative company. Cyberhawk’s company values are also closely matched with my own which I feel is really important. I also enjoy working with the team and we have a lot of fun.

Can you tell us about an interesting project you are currently working on?

At the moment, I am involved with a large-scale construction project in Qatar which certainly keeps me on my toes! It involves many people in Qatar working in the field, in the office and management, as well as being supported from the team here in the UK. I have travelled to Qatar on a couple of occasions to help get the team set up.

What are your thoughts about the adoption of digital technologies across Cyberhawk’s core markets?

For me, digital adoption is a really positive thing – I love it and embrace it. We have absolutely seen an increase in interest and demand for digital technologies and wider digital adoption across the industry. I think a lot of this has come from the changes brought about by COVID and the increase in working from home. I also believe that the industry is taking more notice and starting to recognise the value in visualising data in a shared platform.

Digital adoption varies from company to company. We work with and support all of them at the stage they are at, critically, help them get where they want to be. Some are more forward thinking and further ahead on their path and are keen to push boundaries, while others are further back on the roadmap or just starting down that road.

Where do you see the future of the industry – and what kind of role might Cyberhawk play in it?

I think there is a lot more to come from automation, in terms of equipment and processes and I think we will be involved in helping both these areas to progress.

Artificial intelligence, machine learning and automation will all play a key part in the future of the industry. For instance, more automation in what drones can do with limited input from people, and automated capture for 3D. Whatever it is, it will be fun! I think as the involvement of humans becomes less and less, Cyberhawk will continue to be there to help companies adapt and support them through automated processes.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in joining the Cyberhawk team?

Do it! You'll have fun. It’s an interesting place to work, I’ve never been bored here and we’re always solving problems and working on something new.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise people!

To get me in working mode, I often listen to heavy metal band Slipknot at full volume! I have also bungee jumped and skydived!