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Our Product Manager with a View for the Future
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24 August 2021

“I try to find meaning in everything that I do.”

A grand statement from Maha – and a philosophical one at that. Could that be what brought her to Cyberhawk?

“It is a big part of it, yes. I am very passionate about climate change and here at Cyberhawk we have an opportunity to positively affect the rise of wildfires around the world.”

That might sound like a monumental ask from one person - or company - and that’s because what’s happening in the US and across the wider world can seem unwavering in its cruelty and scale.

In 2020 there were 52,113 wildfires that burned almost 9,000,000 acres of land in the US alone.

Wildfires can have many causes; from a burning cigarette butt to a strike of lightning – but they can also often begin due to unmaintained powerlines alighting their surroundings.

So while that might seem like a tall order, it’s one that Cyberhawk are equipped to tackle. Particularly in the unblinking eyes of Maha.

After reading her resumé, you begin to understand why she’s confident.

Prior to Cyberhawk, she worked for ten years as a product manager where her accomplishments knew no bounds. The highlight amongst them all perhaps being the healthcare app whose place she cemented as number one in the world and, at the time of publication, is used by 700,000 active healthcare professionals. Not bad by anybody’s standards.

But how did she do it?

“I have fixed numbers for everything that I do.”

“I do 90 minutes of reading a day, 10,000 steps, have fixed times to eat. Everything.”

It should come as no surprise that order is so significant when discussing someone so distinguished professionally.

However, her successes are not solely the product of good planning, but also that of true grit. She recounts the time she worked for 28 hours straight just to get something working – so determined was she to fight for her cause.

So what’s her cause this time?

“Cyberhawk has an established brand identity for our services as structural inspectors in the industry. What I want to do is expand on that identity and be recognized for our world-beating products, such as iHawk."

But if all of the above should suggest to you that Maha is concentrated exclusively on the nuts and bolts of life, then you would be mistaken.

“I love yoga,” she says.

Maha explains how in 2010 she developed a severe case of chronic dry-eye syndrome. For three years, and with numerous visits to some of India’s finest optometrists, she was left frustrated as no one could provide a solution to her problem.

That was before, by chance, she tried yoga.

Maha attended a five-day yoga retreat where she was taught the foundations of the discipline. By day two, as if by magic, her eyes returned to normal and from then it became a daily practice that has lasted more than a decade.

“Yoga is like a religion to me now. To experience it is pure joy and I advocate it to anyone walking the Earth.”

And While Maha espouses the fantastic benefits of yoga, she follows with the caveat that it works best only when you commit to it fully.

A little bit, every day, for the greater good of tomorrow.

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