The Power of Digital Transmission Inspection Reporting

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08 August 2019

Data, Data Everywhere

Data is everywhere. It’s used by all sectors within the energy industry and is often referred to as being more valuable than gold, making champions of those who can collect and report quality data efficiently.

Data helps analysts understand business performance, it helps inspection engineers assess critical asset condition, and helps directors make valuable decisions.

Collecting and Reporting Quality Data

Traditional methods of collecting data in the utility sector are out-of-date. Methods such as helicopter photography and human inspection are wildly expensive, slow, dangerous, timely, and difficult to capture and analyse.

Many methods of reporting this data are often equally as dated, undynamic and frustrating. Unless maintained, reports can become fruitless pools of low-quality data which are difficult to navigate, hard to compare, and matures into an operational nightmare.

iHawk: Cloud Based Data Reporting - Created By Engineers, For Engineers.

In addition to our prestigious pilot school, Cyberhawk Academy, and our industry-leading visual data collection service, Cyberhawk, we have also pioneered the way the energy sector reports visual data. iHawk is our cloud-based asset management and reporting platform - created by engineers for engineers.

With years of industry knowledge and engineering expertise, iHawk is quickly becoming recognised as the industry standard for cloud-based asset management and reporting within the utility sector.

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iHawk: In Operation for Energy Transmission

In 2012, Cyberhawk was selected by one of the UK's Transmission Operators, Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Limited (SHETL), to manage all the visual asset data of their transmission network in the North of Scotland, maintaining over 400 substations and around 11,500 structures, including steel towers (commonly known as pylons) and wooden poles, single-handedly powered by iHawk.

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Entrusted to fully service SHETL’s visual data capture and reporting, our work with SHETL combines the use of Cyberhawk’s UAV data collection and iHawk reporting platform to reliably complete detailed asset inspections every year, quickly and safely, followed by the creation of super-high-quality, easy to navigate, detailed data displays which can be securely accessed by those that need it, anywhere, any time.

iHawk: Seamless Project Integration

On-boarding new tools can be a daunting thought, especially if your project is already mid-lifecycle. Not being limited to Cyberhawk’s UAV captured data, iHawk boasts seamless integration with existing projects quickly and easily, providing businesses with better asset management whilst saving time and reducing risk.

In the case of SHETL, we took their existing data and merged it with our first round of data collection, providing conclusive photographic evidence from both rounds of inspection, stored in one easy to use platform.

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Using our interactive mapping technology, iHawk maps all their visual asset data using pins to identify each asset and giving a full overview of each asset’s placement. Combined with a logical, systematic part structure, the interactive mapping technology makes it incredibly easy for the client to find each asset and its visual data.

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As not all inspections on SHETL’s transmission network are completed by UAVs, Cyberhawk provided custom, ruggedised tablets for field-use by SHETL’s line patrollers and substation fitters to ensure all inspections are completed to a high standard and data is captured consistently with photographic evidence.

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All data is captured and stored in the same format and is hosted in the iHawk cloud viewer which can be used to generate repair and maintenance work orders.

iHawk: Enter the Asset Management Matrix

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iHawk’s colour coded asset management matrix reports the highlighted defect status of all recorded assets. This simplified matrix gives iHawk users unrivalled access to asset condition data and allows them to make rapid and well-informed decisions, meaning managers have more time to continue operational work.

By hosting all SHETL’s data on iHawk, our asset management matrix provides a “single source of truth”, as field operatives are seeing the same data as an asset manager back in the office, allowing quick, safe and efficient decision making.

Once a defect is identified within the asset management matrix, the information can quickly be flagged and passed on for maintenance and repair. Once the issue has been resolved, an updated image is uploaded to iHawk to show the current condition of the asset to prove that the repair/maintenance work was completed successfully. The original image will be archived, meaning no data is lost and allows users to track back through time, identifying previous conditions, defects and repairs.

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iHawk: Cloud Based VS Traditional

iHawk has provided SHETL with the ability to eliminate their traditional reporting. Providing a quick and intuitive interface, all levels of operations can assess their existing data from anywhere, anytime.

Storing their data no longer takes up valuable office space and reports never go missing. Data storage mediums, such as commonly used external USB hard drives, are no longer required which further increases data security.

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iHawk: Benefits - Safety, Economy & Performance

The benefits of using iHawk to manage inspection data include:

  • One centralised cloud-based platform provides secured and defined access to those that need it, when they need it, without seeing data from other business areas.
  • Data agnostic (can integrate other UAV data, helicopter and linesman data)
  • Reduces the risk of data loss.
  • Provides the ability to quickly file, update, access, view, assess and compare huge volumes of highly detailed data.
  • Helps decision making and decision justification.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing projects and data.
  • Interactive mapping technology shows exactly which asset is being inspected and where.
  • Provides management of repairs, maintenance of assets, and proof of completion.

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