Unlock Efficiency & Productivity By Digitising the Construction Site

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16 Oct 2019

Join Marc Whitton, Business Development Manager - Europe, at Cyberhawk, tomorrow at Digital Construction Week who will be discussing the topic "Unlock Efficiency & Productivity By Digitising the Construction Site".

In recent years, visualisation technologies aimed towards the construction industry have improved efficiency thanks to the ability to plan every aspect of a project and effectively monitor progress through site digitisation. A key enabler in this area has been drone-captured site data – a fast, cost-effective means of capturing a detailed site overview on a regular basis. Site surveying by drone is becoming more common as the technology advances and flying becomes easier for non-specialised pilots, however to date, the potential offered by the huge volumes of data amassed has been relatively untapped.

Looking to streamline your visual asset data?

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Software solutions now offer the ability to turn unstructured data into structured data, from aerial footage and ground spherical imagery, to asset tagging and documentation libraries. Integrating this data and creating a digital site helps site managers make better decisions, plan more effectively and help their teams to be more productive. Drone captured data can be processed into orthophotos which can be zoomed, compared, rotated and measured and hosted alongside 3D models, 360-degree imagery and videos which provide a valuable site visualisation solution. The software creates a central point for bringing together visual data and linking it to a variety of other valuable data points.

Who: Marc Whitton, Business Development Manager – Europe - Cyberhawk

Where: Geospatial Theatre, ExCeL London

When: 17 Oct 2019 @ 10:30am