Power Generation

It was also essential for the cooling towers to stay live throughout the inspections, meaning Cyberhawk was required to work onsite while other maintenance teams were operating.

Alternate methods for carrying out this scope of work, such as rope access, would have taken weeks to complete the actual inspections – even longer when considering set up. Cyberhawk’s solution not only mitigated the risks associated with this method, such as working at height, but reduced the inspection times. Normal timescales for this scope of work would be 10 days per tower, however Cyberhawk carried out the inspections in just two. A number of defects highlighted meant the client became aware that structural repairs were required and so had adequate data to outsource this work to a third party provider.

Cyberhawk was called upon to inspect 12 cooling towers at the largest coal-fired power station in Europe. The requirement was to provide a detailed examination of the exposed external surface and mantle across all cooling towers.


The results were delivered through Cyberhawk’s asset management software, iHawk. Utilising this software also allowed the team to provide the client with detailed location and accurate defect sizing to +/- 10mm.

The high quality of images delivered through iHawk allowed the client to provide structural repair companies with detailed visual data and in turn obtain accurate work quotations. This information, along with the successful completion of the project, allowed the client to significantly minimise costs.