Land & Rail

Cyberhawk was asked by a major utility company to provide topographic survey data and high-resolution aerial photography of a 4km route in a tidal area in South East England. The site comprised of an area of open beach and marsh. Remote aerial data acquisition was the ideal method to use as large areas had to be covered very quickly before the tide came back in.

There was no safe ground access to the area from land so access by boat was arranged. GPS survey techniques were used to observe ground control markers around the site. The survey of the area was undertaken at low tide to ensure the maximum amount of data could be acquired.

Cyberhawk deployed a two man team of a land surveyor and pilot to survey the site using multi-rotor UAVs alongside GPS equipment.


Cyberhawk’s rigorous health and safety and flight-planning procedures were particularly crucial with this survey as the tides in the area were very fast moving. The company worked with the client to agree upon a comprehensive safety plan, and worked closely with local Air Traffic Control given the close proximity of a bombing range.

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and detailed Orthophoto (at 3cm ground resolution) were provided. Cyberhawk’s data was used by the client to design the layout of the proposed development and to assist with geological analysis.