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23 Sep 2021

Overseeing a capital project comes with a unique set of challenges that can quickly become unmanageable. When these hurdles snowball, they can provide lengthy and expensive ramifications, often affecting stakeholders at all levels; impacting the entire site and slowing down operations.

With vast data sets, hard deadlines and rising material costs, mistakes caused by a lack of situational awareness remain at the forefront of even the most experienced engineer and project manager's minds.

To help tackle these issues, Cyberhawk’s team of engineers developed iHawk, the capital project management software that helps mitigate 5 common issues that we've outlined below.

1. Broken Lines of Communication & Fragmentated Information
2. Substandard Tracking and Loss of Equipment and Materials
3. Inefficient Work Management
4. Limited Reporting & Progress Tracking
5. How to Remain Health and Safety Compliant

In today's blog we're going to perform a deep-dive on the platform and show why it's the perfect solution to these challenges.

Problem 1: Broken Lines of Communication and Fragmented Information

Too often in the construction world, progress and planning become diluted and held up by the method of communication. Even today, email and hard-copies are the go-to method for many project owners.

iHawk offers one single source of truth for all stakeholders that can be accessed from the office, out in the field and on mobile devices – all via an internet browser. In the words of the construction director for a major EPC contractor; “It’s now a cooperate tool. We all go to the same screen, no matter the job role, and that is a very powerful thing. We see it as a bridge between all our data. It has lots of tools all in one place – dragged from other places. It is extremely powerful.”

In addition to this, multiple smart boards are deployed around the construction site and in the operation team’s offices, in meeting rooms and collaboration areas.

This allows everyone on the team easy access to iHawk and fosters collaborative teamwork.

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PROBLEM 2: Substandard Tracking and Loss of Equipment and Materials

Equipment management is one of the most common and hardest to tackle issues facing construction projects, big or small.

iHawk changes all that. It allows for real-time tracking of equipment and materials.

It combines data gathered by UAVs, ground 360 cameras with data from a variety of field sensors and IoT devices/software – thus enabling real-time equipment location tracking and performance monitoring.

This means construction materials can be located across multiple laydown areas using RFID technology and offers a single interface for site planners, contractors and executives.

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By using accurate real-time inventory information, iHawk allows planning based on what is actually available. It can find materials up to 10 times faster than manual methods thereby saving time and labor costs. No more delays for construction teams searching for materials or tools and equipment.

Traffic Management

This module allows project team members to plan their trips and movements more efficiently across large construction sites using real time data from GPS-tracked shuttles and third parties IoT sensors.

Boost team-wide productivity levels by using ETA information to better plan personnel and equipment movement with real-time tracking and optimization of routes. Track all journeys, from the first to the final mile, with tools that give full visibility into every trip. Traffic congestion and parking issues need not be a worry anymore.

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PROBLEM 3: Inefficient Work Management

Sometimes the scale of a project and all its component parts and people can lead to fragmentation and mismanagement of ideas, work and progress. Our capital project management software iHawk offers a custom-built remedy to that problem.


Our inspection workflow module is an end-to-end QHSE inspection management system that connects, collects, and manages mission-critical work, providing a single source of truth for quality assurance and progress tracking.

Its functionality allows for extensive monitoring and powerful analytics tools for managing work quality, project progress and productivity.

It is also equipped with functionality that allows users to raise, approve and resolve QA and QC concerns identified at the construction site that need urgent attention.

Key stakeholders are kept informed through email notifications during different phases of the workflow, with alerts such as: ‘Concern is Raised’, ‘Concern is Confirmed’ or ‘Concern is Resolved’. It allows the user to make better use of existing asset visualization and survey data by hosting it on the iHawk platform. This results in a drastic reduction of construction quality issues, less required site visits, reduction in HSSE incidents, reduced travel costs and lower CO2 emissions.

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By digitizing your Punch List, we help projects stay on schedule, boost efficiency and drive quality. But not only that, the functionality creates accountability, promotes collaboration and control across teams.

Data comes directly from the field to the cloud using mobile devices. This allows field workers to trigger work and close punches on-the-go. Functionality includes real-time push notifications and reminders for upcoming, expiring action items and status updates to accelerate decision-making.

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Real Estate Management

This module allows EPC project management teams to utilize high-resolution GIS data, developed from drone imagery, and enriched with layers of contextualized information, to plan heavy equipment moves and oversized deliveries, organize equipment staging and manage congested laydown area space across busy construction sites.

What used to be a historically difficult prospect to manage offline with Gannt charts, space planning clashes and constraints can be instantly detected and resolved using iHawk.

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Problem 4: Limited Reporting & Progress Monitoring

Over the duration of long-term capital projects, it’s easy for the waters to become muddied over what has been accomplished and when.

iHawk has several helpful modules that lets project owners determine and record what has been done and what still needs to happen.

It offers extensive analytics on builds and component parts, as well as reporting dashboards to easily survey progress at a glance.

Progress Monitoring

This module – built with technology from Lobster Pictures - can offer incredible time-lapse functionality that allows users to look at the progress of a project, not only on different days, but on different times of the same day. It connects to platforms such as Oracles’ Primavera to provide a full 4D progress tracking capability.

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Smart Torque

By integrating a third-party Smart Torque System - a single source of truth for quality assurance and progress tracking – connects, collects and manages mission critical work. Not only does it hold a detailed activity history for each bolted joint, it also includes worker profiles and certification management.

Its functionality boasts automatic report generation and replaces handwritten paperwork thus reducing labor costs, reduces construction project delays and improves decision making.

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PROBLEM 5: How to Remain Health and Safety Compliant

Health and safety is one of our capital project management software’s prime functions and has a number of modules that help keep project members protected from real or potential hazards.

The iHawk portal offers a mapped location of every muster point, fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, defibrillator, and other life-saving equipment.

HSSE Dashboard

Our HSSE dashboard enables teams to easily log potential or actual health, safety, security and environmental events, while the management team tracks, trends and accurately report on HSSE risks related to the business.

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Risk Register

As the complexity and quantity of risk data grows, there is a critical need for efficient methods of structuring the risk picture. The Risk Register portrays mapping risk to corresponding project areas and gives users the ability to aggregate, perform analysis and visualize risk management efforts across the project. It allows for progress monitoring and quality assurance in real time and offers detailed activity history for each bolted joint. It also offers worker profile and certification management. iHawk uses automatic report generation to replace handwritten paperwork and reduces labor costs in doing so. No more construction project delays due to risk management. Improve your decision making.

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The Flood Model

Our Flood Model module uses aerial imagery, topography and hydrological data to identify the potential areas prone to waterlogging.

It gives accurate and reliable information on the location and size of waterlogged areas and allows for better preparedness during rainy season to manage the real-estate allocation and material placement. Its functionality can be used in tandem with planning to build robust drainage systems.

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Our Work

iHawk is integral to the multi-billion dollar construction of Shell Pennsylvania Chemicals polymer plant which at its peak occupies around 8,500 workers on site. The huge scale of the project is not limited merely to the number of workers there, but also boasts incredible figures surrounding the materials involved with around 300 miles of pipe and 1,600 items of manufactured equipment included as part of the build. You can read the full case study here.

Dmitry Gurevich, IT Director at Pennsylvania Chemicals at Shell, said:

"iHawk has enabled a digital revolution…We see iHawk as a tool that offers opportunities for safety improvements through increased efficiency and improved visualization prior to work activities. The data collected throughout the execution phase is a resourceful legacy that will continue to empower the asset operations team for the entire plant-life.”

Available Integrations

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