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By harnessing the power of visual data, third-party APIs and IoT integration, iHawk provides complete situational awareness and project visibility to all key stakeholders in major capital projects. Recognized as the next generation visualization platform, iHawk has already been endorsed by major corporations globally and is set to lead the new digital revolution.

iHawk allows project teams to visualize the entire life of their CapEx project, and even beyond as a live asset. Enabling cross-organizational and cross-vendor workflows, planning of future worksite activities and tracking project milestones allows for big data to be managed in a slick, intuitive and digestible way. The software allows users to visualize both in 2D and 3D their site/facility and combine the following functionalities together to become the "single source of truth".

Survey Visualize site/asset in 2D (google map-like), compare view across time, perform measurements.
Asset Tour The asset tour module gives access to ground and air tours, either through the inbuilt iHawk spherical functionality or through HoloBuilder. Current and historical tours can be selected based on the data capture date.
Digital Twin 3D mesh models are rendered and manipulated in the browser to provide a 3D perspective of the site/asset.
Media Management Meaningful and easy way to catalog inspection imagery that construction inspector takes every day. Make it discoverable to anyone else in the project.
Real Estate Management Annotate laydown areas, temporary facilities, infrastructure, place construction equipment such as cranes, and give specific time bounds so that an area can be marked for a finite period of time or move around the map as space gets reallocated.
Time Lapse And 4D BIM time-lapse photo and video imagery captured via 3rd party API. This is then compared to 4D/BIM model.
Track & Trace Geo-location of the RFID-tracked items (material, construction equipment) sourced by third party IoT provider. This data is logically grouped by equipment type and can be segmented and searched.
Wireless Telematics Real-time machinery location and utilization tracking, data fed in via third party IoT provider. Machinery usage analytics can be provided as well.
Vehicle Locator Geo-location of vehicles via the third party’s GPS tracking solution. Additional analytics can be performed such as route congestions, speeding violations, etc.
Scaffolding Geo-location of scaffolding and color-based inspection status update.
Flood Model By leveraging third-party’s hydrological models, the potential flood levels are shown daily as predictions and site layout change.
Subsea World Geo-located and tagged ROV runs, tie-backs and fixed pipelines.
FindAll Map and tag-based document search. It connects disparate project information sources via Master Tag Register and Doc-to-Tag (D2T) relationships. Only the links (URLs) are held within iHawk, not the information itself – which continues to reside inside the source repositories.
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Situational Awareness
Our services are designed to give organizations a complete spatial and situational awareness. We reduce the need for site visits by enabling full project progress tracking with a visual record of the site and enable better project team communications.
Internet of Things
Our clients are already making use of iHawk's ability to seamlessly integrate a vast variety of sensors, GPS trackers and surveillance. iHawk visualizes these sensor's data in a multi-layer, easy to manage and share way.
3rd Party APIs
iHawk was developed with the client’s requirements at its core, which means as well as storing and hosting drone-captured site data, it can also incorporate, manage and share data from third-party software.

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