Oil Gas & Petrochemical

In April 2016, Cyberhawk was tasked by Akzo Noble, a major producer of speciality chemicals in the Netherlands, to complete multiple challenging work scopes including a moored ship’s cargo holds, inside a double skin roof, under a loading jetty, inside silos and concrete slab roofs.

The project posed several challenges for the Cyberhawk team. Cyberhawk have developed a UAV and operational procedures for flying in internal and confined spaces in a safe a repeatable manner, which was required for these challenging work scopes. Despite the potential difficulties, Cyberhawk completed the project successfully, returning the UAV safely at the end of the inspection and capturing data to write detailed engineering inspection reports.

Cyberhawk was appointed by the client as it introduced new inspection technology to its global operations.


The traditional inspection method for this project would have been rope access, resulting in personnel working at height and three times longer to complete and even longer if scaffolding was required. Utilising Cyberhawk’s UAVs allowed the inspection to be completed in just three days and secured significant time and cost savings for the client.