Oil Gas & Petrochemical
Middle East

The work scope, carried out in March 2016, involved the inspection of 136m high flares at an onshore oil and gas refinery. A natural gas producing company based in Qatar called upon Cyberhawk to conduct the first-ever commercial flare inspection in the country.

The commercial use of UAVs in Qatar had previously been heavily regulated by the Qatari government due to concerns over security of airspace and privacy of citizens. However, Cyberhawk undertook an extensive campaign lobbying the government to explain the vast benefits on offer through the use of UAVs. After a thorough assessment of the company’s previous Middle East projects, a panel of authorities granted an exclusive permit for Cyberhawk to conduct the work scope.

The project reinforced Cyberhawk’s leading position in the industry and region to date.


An experienced team of two from Cyberhawk, including an industry qualified inspection engineer and oil and gas qualified inspection pilot, was mobilised to undertake the work and took just two days to conduct the full inspection. Alternative methods such as rope access or scaffolding would have taken months to complete, required shutdown of the facility and would have increased dangers to personnel, such as working at height.