Power Grid

Cyberhawk was also required to assess the condition of each structural member on the 275kV line in accordance with the National Grid Technical Specification for steelwork inspection on a bar by bar basis.

Cyberhawk’s asset management software, iHawk, allowed the client to view the tower components in accordance with the agreed defect standard, and access all the high definition images of each defect as well as detailed engineering commentary.

An electricity transmission and distribution network based in Northern Ireland called upon Cyberhawk to conduct close visual inspections of 18 towers and grade the condition of each structure.


During this project the client compared results with linesmen who climbed a percentage of the towers Cyberhawk inspected. This enabled the client to get a high level of confidence in the quality of our UAV inspection results. The team successfully delivered a detailed condition based assessment of each tower to allow the client to prepare for a refurbishment of the line.

Thanks to Cyberhawk’s ability to inspect four towers per day versus a linesman who could only climb two, the client also reported that it was successfully completed with significant time and cost savings.