Land & Rail

Cyberhawk was recently commissioned by a major engineering consultancy to provide an aerial survey of an active Quarry situated in Fife, Scotland.

A Cyberhawk three man team consisting of surveyors and a UAV pilot was sent to carry out the survey. The aerial survey provided by Cyberhawk was chosen by the client due to cost effective prices and experience in delivering high quality outputs. The team surveyed the 275-hectare site in one day. This was achieved using Cyberhawk’s fixed wing UAV which offers extensive benefits compared to rotary UAVs for a site of this size.


The fixed wing UAV has an on-board GPS positioning system that precisely logs the UAV’s position during the flight, which means less time is required for ground control to be carried out by the surveyor.

Cyberhawk also has special CAA permissions for EVLOS (extended visual line of sight), which allowed this project to be carried out in one single flight as the fixed wing aircraft could be flown up to 1500 meters away from the pilot’s position utilising a remote observer. A site of this size would normally take a full day to establish traditional aerial survey ground control.

The final outputs for the project were high-resolution orthophoto imagery, digital elevation model and 3D pointcloud data.

By utilising a fixed-wing UAV with precise onboard positioning the survey was completed in a fraction of the time required for a traditional ground-based topographic survey or even a rotary-wing UAV survey. It also allowed significant cost savings for the client and allowed a quick turnaround in the high quality aerial data that was obtained.


In April 2016, Cyberhawk was tasked by Akzo Noble, a major producer of speciality chemicals in the Netherlands, to complete multiple challenging work scopes including a moored ship’s cargo holds, inside a double skin roof, under a loading jetty, inside silos and concrete slab roofs.