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Drone Data Collection

Cyberhawk conducts aerial surveys as well as close visual & thermal inspections of high, live and difficult to reach structures and facilities using drones.

World-Class Pilots

We employ some of the best drone pilots in the world, who will collect and deliver the “gold standard”. Our exclusive in-house flight school extends to four levels of rigorous training above the minimum requirements of the US-FAA/UK-CAA. To become a level 4 (offshore industrial) pilot you need at least 18 months or a minimum of 500 flight experience on actual projects.


Reliable equipment

We operate, maintain and repair multiple drone platforms to suit the different types of tasks. Our safety, operating & maintenance procedures have been vetted and approved by all O&G supermajors’ aviation divisions and have been often defined as the industry standard, comparable to full-size aircraft maintenance programs.


Industry Pioneers  

We have build credibility by always pushing the boundaries and have delivered over 30 world’s firsts in the industries we serve. From the first-ever offshore drone inspection of a live O&G asset to the first ASME-approved Nuclear dome inspection. We have an in-house R&D facility that allows us to develop technology solutions to perform drone inspection projects never done before….and we do it safely!

World-Class Pilots
Reliable equipment
Industry Pioneers  
Cyberhawk in Action
When first-class drone-based inspection data is at the forefront of your decision making... You need the best pilots in the world to capture it.

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Oil, Gas & Petrochemical

We work on offshore facilities, such as fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, and FPSOs, as well as onshore refineries, petrochemical plants and construction sites offering close visual and thermal inspections. We also provide an intuitive visualization platform that entails 2D/3D virtual tours, and full IoT integrations.

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Power Generation

Wind & Nuclear

Our power generation data collection and data management solution combines drone-captured data and cloud-based software, iHawk. Working extensively on wind farms and nuclear facilities, we enable clients with the tools and data they need quickly and easily understand the condition of their critical assets.

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Power Grid

We have extensive experience in collecting drone-based integrity data and digitalizing it through our cloud-based software, iHawk for power grids. We work on some of the biggest networks in the world and inspect and manage thousands of transmission and distribution structures every year. Together with our efficient inspection solution, data captured can be hosted, stored and interrogated using iHawk.

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Capital Projects

We enable project teams to increase "time-on-tools" by enhancing cross-organizational and cross-vendor workflows, planning of future worksite activities and tracking project milestones through a combination of sensor data inputs and our data management solution, iHawk.

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