Industrial Challenges

Detecting, quantifying and monitoring emissions, including methane and other Greenhouse gases (GHGs), is increasingly important to industrial companies.  Companies around the world are seeking ways to enhance safety, conserve resources, comply with evolving regulations and reduce their environmental impact.

Cyberhawk™ offers comprehensive GHG emissions monitoring and reporting solutions designed to assist in your Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV) approach and international OGMP 2.0 framework compliance. Cyberhawk can help trace and measure your fugitive and diffuse emissions over land and sea, so you can take effective action to mitigate their impact on climate and air quality.

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Focus Areas



Oil &

Cyberhawk quantifies methane and carbon dioxide emissions from flares and assists in identifying super-emitters from oil and gas production facilities that enable our Oil & Gas customers to address their regulatory requirements, mitigate operational risks and enhance safety.



We isolate and quantify GHG emissions from biogas plants to enhance operational efficiency and improve energy production while also addressing regulations.


Treatment Plants

Cyberhawk quantifies various gas emissions which are often overlooked given the difficulty in monitoring over water. Our solutions enable our customers to minimize their environmental impact, improve safety and optimize energy utilization.


LNG Bunkering Terminals

Cyberhawk understands that leak monitoring is essential for LNG bunkering. Our solutions align international best practices with our customers’ requirements to isolate and monitor leaks in order to optimize the performance and longevity of your equipment and machinery while also focusing on enhancing the safety and environmental impacts of your operations.

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