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Harnessing the power of visual data

iHawk is designed to help asset and project owners understand their data and make informed decisions that improve performance and lower costs.

iHawk is a cloud-based intuitive solution that empowers users to harness the full power of their visual data, integrate it within their workflows, and share that information across the enterprise.



iHawk ingests data collected by drones, satellites, helicopters, IoT devices, and more to create a single source of truth and enable fast and effective decision-making for your assets.

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View, organize, and inspect your visual data through an intuitive user interface.

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Using iHawk you can easily share your data among all key stakeholders to help keep your critical infrastructure safe and ensure projects are delivered on schedule and within budget.

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iHawk comprises three main integrated
subsystems and key features

High resolution geovisual image presentation and navigation for situational awareness

Immersive contextualization – core geovisualization provides the underlying map interaction based on a variety of image types such as: satellite base maps, orthophotos, 360 views, 3D Point Cloud and 3D Mesh.

A single pane of glass for geo-referenced information to be shared across multiple stakeholder groups

Situational awareness – easily unify disparate information of all types – 360 views, digital elevation models, schematics, documents, equipment locations – into a single pane of glass view to enable quick and efficient retrieval and decision-making.

Visual evidence and change monitoring – regardless of how dynamic an area or site may be, iHawk provides point in time visual evidence together with toolsets to compare changes over time.

Supercharged visual inspections toolkit enable better inspections in less time

Organize media with ease – iHawk takes care of organizing your high-resolution image files in order to start using them effectively and immediately.

Better inspections in less time – iHawk focuses on making the image-based inspection process as efficient as possible with rapid image visualization, easy annotations, and configurable defect types.

Connect intelligence between field and office
– whether it is an asset concern, access issue, or vegetation encroachment, iHawk drives attention, communication, and closure of blocking issues.


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Renewable energy

Cyberhawk’s drone technology delivers close visual and thermal inspections for wind turbine maintenance.

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Power grids

Cyberhawk helps clients manage the entire power grid from generation through transmission and distribution.

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iHawk harnesses the power of visual data to provide full situational awareness and project visibility to all key stakeholders.

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Our mission is clear

As leaders in the industry, we commit to ongoing innovation. This means that we deliver technology and best practices which drive actionable insights to our customers at scale. Our ongoing commitment to innovation is core to our mission to capture and deliver the best data and information for our customers to help them make better decisions about their assets, and faster.



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