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All of our engineers are ASME or CSWIP qualified plant inspectors with flare, structural, mechanical or chemical engineering backgrounds, whilst our industry-leading training program produces highly skilled pilots.

Our offshore pilots, for instance, have a minimum of 18 months or 500 hours of flying experience, on actual jobs, before they can fly a drone underdeck.

Data Collection

We work on offshore facilities, such as fixed platforms, semi-submersibles, and FPSOs, as well as onshore refineries, petrochemical plants and construction sites offering close visual and thermal inspections. We also provide an intuitive visualization platform that entails 2D/3D virtual tours, and full IoT integrations.

Data Processing

From Cyberhawk’s inspection centers, our in-house teams of industry engineers analyze the data collected to categorize and report on all of the visual data collected, in accordance with the agreed defect standard. Our analysis and quality assurance process ensure inspection accuracy and efficiency while providing valuable insight into the state of the assets.


iHawk is transforming asset management by digitalizing complex visual inspection, and hosting it in the cloud for easy access, sharing and interrogation. Developed by Oil, Gas, and Petrochemical inspection engineers and project managers with decades of industry experience, we empower clients with the ability to integrate data from multiple sources. iHawk can be adapted to work in conjunction with external software such as ERP or data monitoring solutions.

iHawk’s Oil and Gas inspection module provides cloud-based access to visual integrity data to your staff and contractors, ensuring everyone works from the same up-to-date point of reference. By hosting in the cloud, this also means that historic data can be stored and easily accessed to compare data points and track/monitor the condition of known defects over time.

Data Collection
Data Processing
We have completed over 10,000 structural inspections and 40,000+ flights. Find out how Cyberhawk can transform your business as an interactive partner.

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Flare Stacks
Cyberhawk has completed more than 500 live flare inspections. We can inspect flares, both onshore and offshore, whilst they are live avoiding the need to shut down the plant. This brings direct OpEx and safety cost savings in the order of millions of dollars per inspection.
Offshore Decks & Risers
Our pilots are able to fly in GPS-denied environments such as platform underdecks by leveraging their first in class manual flying skills. They can close in on areas of interest and conduct close visual inspections (CVI) of areas such as the underdeck, pipework, plating, PFP, risers or splash zone which would otherwise require expensive and dangerous rope access or scaffolding solutions.
Tankers, FSUs, FSOs and FPSOs
Cyberhawk can undertake drone internal inspections of Cargo Oil Tanks, ballast tanks, and confined spaces on operational vessels such as FPSOs, bulk carriers, and tankers.
Confined Spaces
Using state of the art technology, Cyberhawk can fly in hard-to-reach confined space, often without the need for human entry. Assets such as concrete slabs, pipe racks, storage tanks, vessels, cracker units, chimneys, etc can be easily inspected both visually and thermally.

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Cyberhawk, the global leader in visual asset management using drone collected data, has completed its first offshore oil and gas work in Ireland for Kinsale Energy.

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